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What is a Fortnite melee weapon and how do you use it

Fortnite melee weapon
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Picking out a Fortnite melee weapon can be tricky, as unlike the wide array of guns and other munitions available there are relatively few options when approaching hand-to-hand combat. Indeed, it's rare to engage in fights at such a close range, but if you're taking on the Fortnite quests supplied by Dire the werewolf then there are not one but two tasks that require a melee weapon. Depending on how up to date your Fortnite knowledge is this may be causing some confusion, as a number of armaments in this category have come and gone over the years, but if you want to know what is a Fortnite melee weapon and how to use it then we've got all of the details.

Which Fortnite melee weapon is currently available

Fortnite melee weapon

(Image credit: Epic Games)

When it comes to selecting a Fortnite melee weapon, there have been a number of options available throughout the course of the seasons, including Lightsabers, the Infinity Blade sword, the Kingsman umbrella, The Mandolorian's Amban Sniper Rifle, She-Hulk's Fists, and Wolverine's Claws. However, all of those were tied to previous in-game characters and events, so have subsequently been vaulted. This means that currently the only Fortnite melee weapon available is the humble Harvesting Tool (aka your Pickaxe), which all players start each match with as a standard item.

How to damage wildlife with a Fortnite melee weapon

Fortnite wolves how to tame

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To damage wildlife with a Fortnite melee weapon, you first need to find an animal to hunt – helpfully you have a wide selection of Fortnite wolves, Fortnite boars, Fortnite chickens, and even Fortnite raptors to choose from. Once you encounter some wildlife, you then need to hit it several times with your Harvesting Tool, and although the wolves and raptors are more aggressive than the other animals, they do at least run towards you rather than away which makes them easier to damage.

How to eliminate Cube Monsters in The Sideways with a Fortnite melee weapon

Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 sideways minigun shooting cube monsters in sideways zone

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To eliminate Cube Monsters with a Fortnite melee weapon you first need to enter the Fortnite Sideways, either through the main Sideways Zone dome appearing over one of the named locations or by triggering a Sideways encounter as you approach a purple rift. Once you're facing down the creatures, aim for the basic brutes as you can take them down quickly with your Harvesting Tool before they can deal much damage, while the larger monsters should be avoided as their own melee attacks will quickly deplete your shields and health.

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