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Fortnite could be getting an Alien crossover with Ripley and the Xenomorph

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

It appears that Aliens is going to be the next crossover in Fortnite.

Based on a newly-released trailer, which is chock full of hidden little details, fans think there's plenty of cause to believe that either the main star of the films Ellen Ripley or the monstrous Xenomorph will be making an appearance in the battle royale. 

In the teaser, we hear a man recording an audio log and he makes reference to a "very normal spaceship on a very normal shipping route" and that it is "running on tech that seems to be from 1986". Of course, 1986 is the year that the sequel film Aliens was released and this shipping spaceship is thought to be none other than the Nostromo from the films.

The log goes on to mention a "warrant officer" which is the official title of Ellen Ripley, so all signs seem to be pointing towards Alien right now. 

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Towards the end of the teaser, there's a reference to the person recording the message eating something that doesn't agree with them and they might need to find some antacid. This could be two references, the first of which is possibly another callback to the first film's chestburster scene, which famously depicts a small alien bursting out of John Hurt's character while they're all sat down for some food. The second, which is a mention of 'antacid' could be a reference to the Xenomorph's blood being acidic.

We don't know officially what any potential Alien collaboration or crossover will bring to the game, but we can probably expect to see some nice skins coming to the store, obviously, Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph would be high on the list but it would be nice to see some other creative Alien-inspired cosmetics.

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