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The Flash S1.12 "Crazy For You" review

For a supposedly intelligent guy, Cisco can be pretty dim. While most of “Crazy For You” is the usual Flash fun, his B-plot is the source of too many seriously dopey moments to count. Hartley may as well have worn an “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt throughout as they investigate the truth behind Ronnie’s new demeanour.

So, for example, we get Cisco falling for Hartley’s ruse to get him to take his cuffs off. Quite why they need to go to the police HQ in the first place is never explained. Doesn’t STAR Labs have access to its own CCTV footage? Then Cisco falls foul of Hartley using exactly the same trick as he did in last week’s episode when Hartley pulls another Bond gadget out of his ear. Where did he get it from? Why didn’t Cisco run him through a scanner before leaving STAR Labs? Has he had a lobotomy during the ad break?

It’s not even as if they discover anything too thrilling. So Ronnie and Dr Stein merged? Yeah, we’d kinda figured that. All this B-plot added was some technobabble and dodgy effects.

To make matters worse, when Team Flash finds out what Cisco has done, his punishment is… a metaphorical group hug. Honestly, this lot are the most forgiving bunch in history. Cisco just blubs something about feeling guilty for killing Ronnie when the reactor exploded and Caitlin responds, “What happened that night wasn’t anybody’s fault.” What? Really? So everyone’s forgotten Wells’s big revelation last week already then?

Shameless Iris

So after coming over all hurt about the fact that she hadn’t been employed by Picture News for her journalistic skills last episode, now Iris is happy to shaft the Flash and use her friendship with him to advance her career the first opportunity she gets.

It’s an irritating thread of stupidity weaving an ugly line through an otherwise fine episode. Peek-A-Boo is a great villain for the Flash because her powers are an effective counter to the Flash’s super speed while being totally different to them. The result is some strikingly unusual fight scenes. Britne Oldford also brings a lot of charm to the role despite her mainly functional dialogue; she also strikes some delightfully weird poses at times that gives Peek-A-Boo a unique body language.

Another new female character making an instant impression is Linda Park. The sassy sports reporter has won the audience over – if not Barry – in her very first scene. Luckily, by the end of the episode Barry has succumbed to her charm too. It’s similar to what’s happening in Gotham, where Morena Baccarin’s Dr Leslie Thompkins is a far more fun and believable love interest for the show’s lead character than one they’re supposed to be in love with according to comic lore.

Indeed, when Iris sees Barry with Linda at the episode’s end, her pained expression doesn’t seem to express regret so much as a shrew-like jealousy. Serves her right for shafting the Flash like some shameless paparazzo (see below).

The karaoke scene is wonderful piece of silliness and Caitlin makes an adorable drunk, even if her admission to Barry, “Did you sneak a peek at my boobs? It’s okay if you peeked a little…” is a little bit dodgy especially since she genuinely doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in him.

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Best Line

Cisco (in yet another creative insult to his nemesis, Hartley Rathaway): “How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in every one of them?”

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There a teleporting villain in the comics called Peek-A-Boo (first introduced in Flash volume two, #180, 2002) but she was called Lashawn Baez not Shawna Baez, and had a very different origin.

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Linda Park

In the comics, Linda Park is Wally West’s wife, and Wally West is Barry and Iris’s nephew. Now, we know this show involves time travel, but we don’t even want to think about this closely. Also, there has already been a Linda Park in the show. Olivia Cheng played an older reporter in the show’s pilot, reprising a role she played in Arrow. This new Linda Park is played by Malese Jow, who you may recognise from The Vampire Diaries.

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Familiar Effect

Peek-A-Boo’s teleportation FX are almost identical to Nightcrawler’s in X2.

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Calling Amnesty

We’ve always been a bit uneasy about Team Flash’s lack of conscience about locking up villains without a trial, but when Hartley moans, “I have the biggest craving for Thai food,” it gets you thinking about how/when these guys are fed, whether they get exercise, if they have access to TV, where they have a change of clothing, etc, etc, etc. Poor Peek-A-Boo looks so mentally distressed at her incarceration – bamfing about crazily – you’re put in mind of those stressed polar bears in zoos who walk round in circles.

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In-Joke 1

Cisco tells Hartley, “You're not the only one who knows about vibrations,” which is another clear nod and wink to the fact that one day Cisco will become Vibe. Probably.

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In-Joke 2

"Guess I'm a lot faster than a speeding bullet,” says Barry. Do we even need to explain this one?

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Black Hawk Down Again

Black Hawk, the Arrow/Flash universe’s answer to G4S, is once again the security firm targeted by metahumans (see also “Going Rogue”). We suggest not applying for any jobs with them.

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Gorilla Attack

Okay, the scene took place in the dark, which can hide a multitude of sins, but the CG Grodd looked very impressive to us. This was one of the best final stinger scenes on the show yet.

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Karaoke Time

Barry argues that he’s “not much of a singer”, but Grant Gustin is; he was a recurring character in Glee and even had a few solos, as you can see here:

The Flash airs on Sky 1 in the UK and the CW in the US on Tuesday nights.

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