Final Twilight trailer arrives

That sound you hear is a million excited Twilight fans squealing in anticipation as the final trailer for the film has now arrived.

The film itself arrives on 19 December, but the footage is online at MySpace . While, for the most part, it’s a greatest hits compilation of scenes we’ve already seen in previous trailers, this latest promo does explain the story a little more to those who have been immune to the charms of Stephanie Myers’ series of vampire novels.

If you’ve not read the books, they focus on Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), a disaffected, lonely teenager who moves to live with her father. But her life takes a romantic - and dangerous - turn when she meets Edward Cullen (Harry Potter’s Robert Pattinson), a handsome and intriguing bloke at her new school.

Of course, what Bella soon learns is the reason that Edward’s so pale and seemingly super-strong and fast is that he’s a vampire! Fortunately, he doesn’t believe in snacking on humans, but there are plenty of his kind who do.

Franchise In The Making

Catherine Hardwicke - who proved herself an expert on teen angst with Thirteen - is directing what Summit Entertainment will no doubt hope flourishes into a Potter-style franchise. In fact, it already has plans to shoot the next film based on Myers’ second book in the series.

Let’s face it, the converted are already flocking. In fact, if you love Twilight, you’ve long since stopped reading this and gone to watch the trailer.

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