Final Fantasy 16's map has already been stitched together by a fan

Clive looks to the horizon in Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

One dedicated Final Fantasy 16 fan has stitched together the game's map using pre-existing footage and developer interviews.

Using the official Final Fantasy 16 website, as well as last week's State of Play gameplay presentation and the recent PAX East 2023 panel, one fan has put together Final Fantasy 16's full in-game map based on its world of Valisthea. The fan-made construction can be seen just below, and revolves around in-game regions split into different parts, as Final Fantasy 16 isn't a fully open-world game.

Labelled map of Valisthea and list of locations (Possible Spoilers?) from r/FFXVI

We already know there are four main explorable map areas in Final Fantasy 16, which is the crux of the ovarching map of Valisthea. The fan in question has bet on these being the Rosaria, Sanbreque, Dhalmekia, and Waloed areas, but there's also smaller areas, including the imposing Crystalline Dominion, and the Fallen Northern Territories, which is where companion Jill hails from.

It hasn't been confirmed that these smaller areas will actually be playable, so we might not be visiting every area listed on the fan-made map. Still, the Final Fantasy 16 map looks pretty vast in size and scale, even if the four main areas are the only major locations in the final game.

A lot of fans in the comments of the Reddit post are betting we will go to these areas, and that the entire map will actually change over the course of the game. Considering one of Final Fantasy 16's major plot beats is an encroaching blight, we could even see parts of the game's map ruined as Clive's story progresses.

Final Fantasy 16 releases on June 22 as a PS5 exclusive, and Square Enix recently announced the game had gone gold with plenty of time left until launch. The aforementioned gameplay presentation this month went down a storm with fans, as Final Fantasy 16 has been rocketing up sales charts ever since. 

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