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Final Fantasy 16 is out! The game is officially released, the tale of grizzled hero and Dominant Clive Rosfield and the powerful Eikons in the land of Valisthea. FFXVI has all the classic Final Fantasy stuff that people expect - big swords, large crystals, rideable super-turkeys - but there's plenty more beyond that to uncover.

That's where we come in to help. If you want to know everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 16, from guides and secrets to basic details to our review and more, check out below - where we've got it all collated and sorted for your benefit!

Final Fantasy 16 Review

Final Fantasy 16's Clive looks bashfully at Jill, who is off screen

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If you want to start with our Final Fantasy 16 review, to see what we thought of the game, check it out here! We go into everything, from gameplay to story to visuals and more besides, and our verdict was pretty darn positive! Hit the link to find out more...

Final Fantasy 16 platforms

Joshua Rosfield looks down on his older brother Clive as a fire rages in the background

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Final Fantasy 16 is currently a PS5 exclusive, sadly for all those who own other consoles and platforms. It's also expected to arrive on PC at a later date, but no launch window has been confirmed just yet. The question of whether Final Fantasy 16 will come to Xbox, though, stills hangs in the air. As of right now, there's been no word on the game's release on Xbox Series X, and there are seemingly no plans to do so at this stage. 

Is Final Fantasy 16 PS5 exclusive?

Final Fantasy 16 tips and tricks

Final Fantasy 16 tips

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Want the best Final Fantasy 16 tips to start off with? Our tips and tricks will help everyone get a handle on some of the fundamentals of FFXVI, from secrets and strategies and more besides.

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay basics

Final Fantasy 16

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There's a few simple elements to go over for those playing Final Fantasy 16, and before we get to the bigger, cooler stuff, it's important to know the main elements of gameplay.

  • Want to get around quickly? The Final Fantasy 16 fast travel system is worth understanding, as there's a lot of places you can't get around without it.
  • The Final Fantasy 16 party system and mechanics are worth discussing, as things are different now - how do you control your party members, and who's in the party at all?
  • The Final Fantasy 16 healing process is an easy one to get confused by, as certain powers and abilities will only heal you to a certain extent. For help on how it works, we've got a page on that here.
  • Knowing how to parry in Final Fantasy 16 is harder than it sounds, as rather than a specific button, parrying is all about timing and positioning, but leaves the enemy open to counterattack. You'll definitely want to know to do it, and we'll lay things out in the attached guide.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons and abilities

Final Fantasy 16 eikons builds

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Now that all the easy stuff is over, it's time to look at turning Clive into a true force of nature. You want to do that, we've got all the useful info on picking powers just below.

  • Want the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16? This focuses more on the basics and early-game stuff - sword strikes, simple magics and Eikon powers to prioritise for purchase first.
  • Contrarily, our info on the Final Fantasy 16 best Eikon build will help those in the late-game become utterly unstoppable, choosing the deadliest Eikons and the right powers to take on any threat.

Final Fantasy 16 side quests, weapons and secrets

Final Fantasy 16 hunt board

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Finally for guide info, we'll end with a grab-bag of optional (but no less useful) things that players can make use of. If you want to go off the beaten track a little more and find all the great things that Valisthea has to offer, here's some choice cuts of JRPG content.

Final Fantasy 16 Game length and endings

Clive and his brother Joshua in Final Fantasy 16

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Goes without saying that isn't exactly a quick sit, but it's worth answering the question: just how long is Final Fantasy 16? We've got numbers of hours on how long to beat, whether you're just in it for the core story or a diehard completionist ready to find every secret and sidequest going. 

And if you're playing to the end, it's also worth asking: how many Final Fantasy 16 endings are there? FFXVI wouldn't be the first game in the series to have a secret ending or a good/bad scenario, so we've got the answer written up for you at the page linked.

For more, you can check out our pick of the best Final Fantasy games

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