How many endings are there in Final Fantasy 16?

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How many Final Fantasy 16 endings are possible? The series has a few examples of divergent narratives, secret endings and more, but it's not clear when playing if FFXVI is going to be another example of that, or if you're going to be locked into a set ending and not having choices about good or bad finales. We'll cover everything you need to know below in our spoiler-free guide to Final Fantasy 16's endings - or rather, ending singular.

Does Final Fantasy 16 have multiple endings? 

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No, as far as we know at time of writing, FFXVI does not have multiple endings, only a single fixed one. We've played through to the game's finale and at no point was there a choice provided that would've caused events to change in the final act, with the game's end remaining the same no matter what you do.

If there is a secret ending, we've yet to uncover it, and it doesn't seem especially likely that there will be one at time writing, though we'll continue to study the game and update this page if we find out more. Instead, all evidence points towards the idea that players will be locked into a singular narrative that can't be altered. 

Of course, if you're wondering just how long that singular narrative will take, we've got another spoiler-free guide to answer the question: how long is Final Fantasy 16? Or if you're nearing the end of the game and want to harness the best possible powers, our guide on the Final Fantasy 16 best Eikon builds will help you blast back any enemies in your way.

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