Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold

Final Fantasy 16
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold, and with plenty of time before launch.

Just earlier today, on March 31, the official Japanese Final Fantasy 16 Japanese Twitter account tweeted the message below. The tweet reveals the Final Fantasy 16 developers at Square Enix have just acquired the "master copy" of the action-RPG, and that they're celebrating with a photo with Torgal to mark the occasion. 

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It's great news for fans worldwide that the developers at Square Enix have effectively obtained the final version of the forthcoming game. With over two months to go until launch, this bodes extremely well for the final product, as Final Fantasy 16's developing team can now focus on smoothing out the experience for players at launch.

Hopefully, this gives Final Fantasy 16's developers a much more relaxed schedule in the run-up to launch in June, not working long hours to meet deadlines in the weeks before release. The QA department will likely still have their hands full, though, pacing meticulously back and forth throughout the big semi-open-world game to iron out all the bugs they can find before release. 

Final Fantasy 16 launches later this year on June 22, exclusively for PS5. Game producer Naoki Yoshida recently commented on ongoing speculation surrounding a potential PC port, revealing that although Final Fantasy 16 has a timed exclusively period of six months, the PC version won't be arriving immediately after this has expired

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