Final Fantasy 16 pre-order guide: where to buy and which editions are available

Final Fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders are now open, with plenty of retailers in both the US and UK offering bonuses with their early stock. That's excellent news for anyone looking to get their name down for the next installment before that June 22 release date, but even better news for those after exclusive in-game items. 

All Standard and Deluxe Edition pre-orders will also include the Cait Sith Charm and Braveheart weapon, with the latter also packing a cloth Valisthea map and steelbook case (which differs from that being offered with the Standard Edition at certain retailers). However, you'll need to pre-order Final Fantasy 16 digitally to secure access to the Scholar's Spectacles in-game item in both cases. 

A number of retailers currently have live listings for the $69.99 / £69.99 title right now, but we'd recommend heading to Best Buy in the US or Amazon in the UK first. That's where you'll find the best value in additional extras and the speediest release day shipping combined, though we'd move fast to ensure stock of those bonus goodies doesn't start to trickle down.

You'll find all the Final Fantasy 16 pre-order offers we've found just below. 

Pre-order Final Fantasy 16 in the US

Final Fantasy 16 | Free steelbook case | $69.99 at Best Buy

Final Fantasy 16 | Free steelbook case | $69.99 at Best Buy
Best Buy can net you a free steelbook case with your Final Fantasy 16 pre-order. That's perfect for collectors, but day one players also take note - Best Buy's stock will ship in time for release day. 

Deluxe Edition: $99.99 at Best Buy

Final Fantasy 16 | The Realms of Valisthea patches | $69.99 at GameStop

Final Fantasy 16 | The Realms of Valisthea patches | $69.99 at GameStop
GameStop's pre-orders will ship with a limited edition set of The Realms of Valisthea patches, though the store is stating that this bonus is only available while supplies remain. We'd recommend getting in there quickly, then, if you're after this collectible set. 

Deluxe Edition: $99.99 at GameStop

Final Fantasy 16 | $10 gift card | $69.99 at Target

Final Fantasy 16 | $10 gift card | $69.99 at Target
Target is offering a $10 gift card with its pre-orders this week. That's excellent for regular shoppers, but it's worth noting that Target can't guarantee release date delivery here. 

Deluxe Edition: $99.99 at Target

Final Fantasy 16 | $69.99 at Amazon

Final Fantasy 16 | $69.99 at Amazon
Amazon isn't offering any Final Fantasy 16 pre-order bonuses right now, but it's worth keeping an eye on should stock run low at other retailers. Of course, you're also protected by the store's pre-order price guarantee. 

Deluxe Edition: $99.99 at Amazon

Final Fantasy 16 | $69.99 at Walmart

Final Fantasy 16 | $69.99 at Walmart
Like Amazon, Walmart isn't offering any of its own bonuses right now - save for the standard pre-order bundle available in-game. We'd recommend leaving Walmart until last on your hunt, especially considering you may not receive the title on release day. 

Deluxe Edition: $99.99 at Walmart

Pre-order Final Fantasy 16 in the UK

Final Fantasy 16 | Realms of Valisthea patches | £69.99 at Amazon

Final Fantasy 16 | Realms of Valisthea patches | £69.99 at Amazon
Amazon is one of two retailers we've spotted offering exclusive extras with their Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders right now. If you're after the six Realms of Valisthea patches in the UK, you'll be heading to this online retail giant, with release day delivery available as well. 

Deluxe Edition: £99.99 at Amazon


Final Fantasy 16 | £69.99 £54.95 at The Game Collection
Save £15 - The Game Collection is offering the lowest price on Final Fantasy 16 we've seen yet. With £15 off the £69.99 RRP, you're getting a fantastic deal here, with two months still to go before release. On top of that, should this retailer drop the price even further before June 22, you'll receive a refund for the difference as well.

Final Fantasy 16 | Steelbook case | £69.99 at Game

Final Fantasy 16 | Steelbook case | £69.99 at Game
If you're building a collection, Game is the only way to get your hands on the Final Fantasy 16 steelbook case with your pre-order. It's worth noting, though, that Game doesn't offer release day shipping on its site and those delivery costs are much higher than average as well. 

Deluxe Edition: £99.99 at Game


Final Fantasy 16 | £69.99 at Very
Very isn't offering any additional extras or discounts right now, but it's still a solid shout if you're looking for release-day delivery. There aren't too many retailers who can get the game to you on day one right now, so this is still looking like a nice bet.

Is there a Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition?

Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Hardcore fans will also be glad to know there is a Collector's Edition available via the official Square Enix store. At $349.99, it's a hefty package, with some excellent collectible pieces and a bounty of in-game bonuses. The full contents are listed below:

  • Final Fantasy 16 
  • Premium Phoenix vs Ifrit statue 
  • Metal Eikon pin collection
  • Clive Rosfield steelbook case
  • Valisthea cloth map
  • The Realms of Valisthea wall banners 
  • Separate Final Fantasy 16 pre-order steelbook case
  • Bonus weapons: Blood Sword and Braveheart
  • Bonus accessories: Cait Sith Charm and Scholar's Spectacles
  • Digital mini artbook 
  • Digital mini soundtrack

Stock is flashing in and out right now, so if you check back and there are goods to be bought we wouldn't wait too long to jump in. 

Final Fantasy 16 pre-order FAQ

Final Fantasy 16's Clive looks bashfully at Jill, who is off screen

(Image credit: Square Enix)

When is the Final Fantasy 16 release date?

How much is Final Fantasy 16?

The Final Fantasy price is $69.99 / £69.99 / AU$114.95 with the Deluxe Edition coming in at $99.99 / £99.99 / AU$169.95. The Collector's Edition is considerably more expensive, clocking $349.99 / £329.99 / AU$699.95.

Is there a Final Fantasy 16 demo?

There have been no announcements made regarding a Final Fantasy 16 demo, though with two months before release we could be surprised with an early look further down the line. 

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