FCC reveals images of an all-black PS5 DualSense controller

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

New images of an entirely black, and unannounced, PS5 DualSense controller have popped up online.

This comes just weeks after nine images of an entirely disassembled controller appeared on Instagram, granting a closer look at the internal workings of the new DualSense.

Right now, the only PS5 controller shipping with the console – or available as a separate peripheral – features a two-toned black and white design. These pictures, however – which come from the United States' Federal Communications Commission (thanks, VGC) and were seemingly filed way back in April 2020 – show an entirely black face and thumbsticks. Here, take a peek below:

Given this controller features no markings on the buttons, it's suggested by some that the controller might actually be one intended only for PS5 development kits given to studios and press ahead of release, and may never have been intended for public release. Right now, though, no-one's entirely sure, so we can only speculate on whether or not it will eventually come to market. Here's hoping, though, right? 

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Vikki Blake
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