Exclusive Ahsoka reveal: Sabine Black Series helmet replica on the way

A close-up view of the Black Series Sabine Wren replica helmet from Ahsoka
(Image credit: Hasbro)

A new Star Wars Black Series replica is heading our way, and GamesRadar+ can exclusively reveal the Sabine helmet from Ahsoka.

Offering a wearable, electronic version of the Mandalorian's signature look with premium deco, this Black Series Sabine helmet recreates the armor as seen in Ahsoka. We've got a full gallery below, but it looks to be a pretty faithful recreation of the piece from the new series.

Although it's similar to another entry in the line (the Black Series Bo Katan helmet, which we were very impressed with thanks to its weathering effects), the Sabine version isn't just a repaint. This one's visor eye slits are much more horizontal, and the brow point isn't so pronounced. However, it still looks as if it's got kick-ass weathering and the rangefinder drops down into place as well as lighting up.

The Black Series Sabine helmet will be joining other Star Wars gifts on shelves in 2024, and you can pre-order it via Hasbro Pulse and other major retailers on August 30 at 1pm EDT.

Black Series Sabine Wren Premium Electronic Helmet

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Release dateFall 2024
EffectsLED-illuminated heads-up display

Much like the other Black Series helmets (such as Darth Vader's iconic mask or the Ahsoka's Clone Trooper helm), this is a surprisingly screen-accurate rendition of the armor we've been seeing in Ahsoka. Crucially, you can actually wear it - if it's anything like the others, it'll have adjustable plastic straps and padding inside. The rangefinder heads-up display also flips down to eye level at the press of a button, at which point it lights up.

Here's the full product description:

"Sabine Wren is a Mandalorian warrior and graffiti artist with a creative and rebellious spirit. Independent by nature, she is not easily persuaded. STAR WARS fans and collectors can imagine scenes from the biggest battles and missions in the STAR WARS galaxy with this premium roleplay, SABINE WREN PREMIUM ELECTRONIC HELMET, inspired by Sabine’s customized Nite Owl Mandalorian helmet featured in STAR WARS: AHSOKA live-action series. Features premium deco, realistic detail, series-inspired design and LED-illuminated heads-up display, activated at the press of a button. [Requires 3x AAA battery – not included]"

As soon as the pre-orders go live, we'll link to them here.

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