Ethan Hawke joins Disney Plus series Moon Knight as main villain

Ethan Hawke in Cut Throat City (2020)
(Image credit: Well Go USA Entertainment)

Ethan Hawke has been cast in the Disney Plus series Moon Knight, based on the Marvel Comics superhero.

According to a report from THR, Hawke will star as the series' main villain opposite Oscar Isaac, who's set to portray the series' titular superhero. It isn't clear which bad guy Hawke will play specifically, but Moon Knight's archnemesis Bushman is as good as guess as any. Though, Moon Knight has faced off against a bunch of different baddies, so it's very possible that Disney opts for Black Spectre, Stained Glass Scarlet, Morpheus, or any of the other Moon Knight foes for the series.

May Calamawy, who plays Dena on Hulu's acclaimed Ramy series, was recently cast in an unspecified "key role" in the Moon Knight series. With Hawke now reportedly cast in another lead role, the faces of Disney Plus's Moon Knight series are starting to come into view.

If you aren't uber-familiar with Moon Knight, our pals over at Newsarama put together an excellent and comprehensive guide to the Marvel superhero, which goes through his origin story, details his more recent incarnations, and explains how his powers work.

The Moon Knight series at Disney Plus is being co-directed by Mohamed Diab, the Egyptian director behind the 2016 Arabic-language drama Clash, and the filmmaking duo behind The Endless and Synchronic, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

For what to watch right now, WandaVision's first two episodes are available now on Disney Plus, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere in March. For more on what to expect from the MCU this year, check out everything we know about Marvel Phase 4 so far.

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