A new Star Wars theory guesses what Sol's dark secret might be in The Acolyte

The Acolyte
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Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Acolyte episode 5! Turn back now if you're not up to date! 

The latest episode of The Acolyte was certainly shocking, with a major reveal on the identity of that mysterious Sith Lord and two major deaths.

The episode also teased Sol's dark secret – and one theory has a good guess for just what that might be. 

After Qimir is unmasked as the Sith Lord, he hints that Sol is hiding something. Sol doesn't have a chance to explain what his secret is to Osha in the episode, which ends with Mae stealing her twin sister's place. 

Whatever Sol's secret may be, it seems likely that it's something to do with what happened in Brendok the night the coven of witches was killed. One Redditor has an intriguing theory about just what Sol might have done that fateful night. 

"During the incident on Brendok, perhaps Mother Aniseya hijacked Jedi Knight Kelnacca's mind, turning him against his Jedi allies and among other things, causing him to maim Jedi Padawan Torbin; traumatizing Torbin," they speculate. Torbin is seen with unexplained injuries in the flashback episode. 

The theory goes on to suggest that Sol could have killed Mother Aniseya to stop Kelnacca. "Sol may have killed Osha’s mom and then altered her memories of Brendok, which will shatter her trust in him and the Jedi Order," it adds. "This may be part of the Sith's larger plan to gain control of a dyad in the Force."

It's unclear if Mae and Osha are a dyad – a concept introduced in The Rise of Skywalker that means a bond between two Force-sensitive people – but it's certainly possible. 

It also seems very likely that something dark happened on Brendok, though whether it's as bad as Sol murdering Osha and Mae's mother remains to be seen. 

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