Kevin Feige hints at Deadpool 3 crossing over with more MCU projects than just Loki

Deadpool 3
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Given that the TVA has featured in every Deadpool 3 trailer so far, and it's rumored the threequel revolves around the Merc with a Mouth saving the Sacred Timeline, it's not secret that the movie links to Disney Plus series Loki. According to Kevin Feige, though, it'll cross over with a "few more" MCU titles, too.

Describing the superhero flick – which is officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine – as "many dreams coming true at once", he said on the Official Marvel Podcast: "[Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman] developed a friendship in real life, and this fun kind of social media rivalry, so it's fun seeing them together in a movie. It's gonna be amazing. 

"Seeing them interact with TVA agents, and people familiar with that organization from Loki season 1 and season 2 is a thrill. The combination of all those different worlds and all those different flavors, and perhaps even a few more that people won't know about until they see the movie, is a thrill."

In a couple of the Deadpool 3 teasers, Wade Wilson (Reynolds) and Wolverine (Jackman) are seen jumping into a Inter-Dimensional Portal, which connects to Doctor Strange. There's also the X-Men, of course, what with Aaron Stanford's Pyro being spotted in an early promo. Elsewhere, there's a gag about Paul Rudd, too, which threatens to break our brains considering Deadpool is introduced to the Avengers in the film's first trailer.

"It's very exciting how we can see continue with the same actors in new incarnations, which is great, and I think is a peek into the future as we continue to bring these comic book stories to life," added Feige.

In the same interview, he went on to assure fans that the film is "just as gory, and just as foul-mouthed, and just as R-rated as you would expect" despite Deadpool being owned by Disney now. Feige concluded by saying that it's also "extremely endearing and emotional" and he thinks fans are going to wind up wanting to see it more than once.

Deadpool & Wolverine lands in UK cinemas on July 25, and in the US a day later. The interview above is from the first episode of The Official Marvel Podcast, out now on SpotifyApple MusicYouTube. For more, check out all the upcoming Marvel movies and shows on the way, as well as our guide to how to watch the Marvel movies in order.

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