E3 2021 announces who's hosting its digital event

(Image credit: ESA)

E3 2021 will be an all-digital event this summer, and it's just announced the trio of stars who will be hosting: Greg Miller, Jacki Jing, and Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez. 

Greg Miller is the co-founder of entertainment outlet Kinda Funny and frequently hosts video game events. Back in 2019 Miller took to Twitter to announce he had received an email from E3 organizers stating he was banned from E3 2020 after a security guard allegedly confiscated his security badge in the possession of someone else. Since E3 has a strict non-transferable badge policy, Miller was "placed on a ban attendee list for 2020". It's apparent ESA and E3 aren't holding any grudges, since he's hosting just a year after he was meant to be banned - and E3 even made a joke about it on Twitter.

The other hosts have a far less controversial history with E3. Jacki Jing is an Emmy-nominated TV journalist who has hosted and produced shows for IGN, Nerdist, and more. Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez is a professional esports commentator, known for his work with Fortnite, Overwatch, and Valorant. 

E3 2021 will kick off on June 12 and run until June 15 as a digital-only event, with attendees including Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft, the Future Games Show, and more. Expect a ton of exciting video game announcements, trailers, and more. Keep an eye on the E3 2021 schedule so you can plan your days accordingly. 

The Future Games Show is officially part of E3 2021 and will air a special showcase on June 13. 

Alyssa Mercante

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