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Dying Light 2 has nearly 200 different weapons and you're going to break a lot of them

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
(Image credit: Techland)

Dying Light 2 has nearly 200 different weapons, which is good because they're going to break fairly frequently as you slash, stab, and bludgeon infected, bandits, and other enemies. 

Developer Techland talked about weapon crafting and durability in its latest Dying 2 Know overview video. Producer Szymon Strauss explained that most of the weapons in Dying Light 2: Stay Human are assembled from scraps since the premium forged stuff has mostly fallen into disrepair after 20-or-so years of post-apocalyptic fighting. So while you might find a high-grade machete made from a single piece of steel that really holds an edge, you're more likely to find or assemble a blade made by bolting half a sharpened stop sign to a piece of pipe. 

The crafted weapons in Dying Light 2 are essentially improvised recreations of iconic weapons from around the world, Techland says, and no matter which ones you find, you'll be cycling through your arsenal regularly. Strauss clarified that low-grade weapons can break after just a few battles, and even the sturdiest weapons around won't last forever. This provides a constant incentive to use your weapons carefully and make every hit count, not to mention scrounge around for crafting fodder. It also means you're always going to want a backup weapon handy, lest you barge into a fight only to have your trusty blade shatter in your palms just as you get the upper hand. 

Speaking of broken weapons, there's a fun story behind one of the sound effects that play whenever a weapon bids you goodbye. Apparently, one of Techland's audio designers, who was busily hacking away with real-life weapons to collect sound effects for the game, broke an actual machete and caught it on mic. This became the base for one of the broken weapon sound effects that we'll surely hear a thousand times over by the time we clear Dying Light 2 next year. 

Dying Light 2 has been delayed again, this time to early 2022. 

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