How to fix Dying Light 2 multiplayer if coop isn’t working

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Dying Light 2 multiplayer is currently a bit broken at the moment as players deal with  coop disconnecting issues and more. You might have thought this was to do with dodgy internet connections on you or your friends' sides, but it turns out it’s actually on the game’s end rather than yours. Thankfully, developers Techland are on the case with an incoming Dying Light 2 patch for console and various small patches for PC, the first of which is now out. Here are the details on how to get your Dying Light 2 coop multiplayer fixed.

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How to fix Dying Light 2 coop multiplayer

Dying Light 2 coop online multiplayer

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If you’re having issues playing Dying Light 2 coop with your friends, just know that this is a problem with the game itself and Techland is working on a fix for disconnects and other issues. If disconnecting does persist, however, you should definitely check your own internet connection to ensure it’s stable enough for prolonged multiplayer sessions.

In a series of tweets, Techland outlined the list of fixes coming to their planned patches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox with the two console patches having connection stability and coop disconnecting issues high on the list. Other coop-related issues that are ready for implementation include AI dead body replication during coop play for all platforms, and console-specific issues with stealth gameplay and immortal AI during coop play.

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Players should note that these patch notes and plans released by Techland are for this week beginning February 7. The first Dying Light 2 PC patch is now live, so players should make sure they check for the update to get it downloaded. However, for the console patches, Techland say they are aiming to submit the hotfixes to Xbox and PlayStation by the middle of this week. There is no way of knowing how long this submission and approval process will take, so it could be that the console patches become available towards the end of the week or even later.

The list for PC fixes for Steam and Epic Games Store versions of Dying Light 2 is smaller than the console fix lists, but Techland states that PC fixes will be regular, so presumably the patches will be little and often compared to console. Techland has also listed some fixes that they’re working on but aren’t yet ready, so expect to see those in upcoming patches.

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