Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act I: Main Quests

Call of the Arisen

Reward: 5,000xp/1,200 g

When you enter the Encampment, you will hear a voice. Follow your pawn up the trail and you will come to Ecbal in the Command Center along with a Rift Stone. Examine it and it will tell you that you must prove that you are the Arisen. Head back down the path and a scene will play showing a guard running. Make your way to the East and leave to go out the gate.

When outside the gate, another scene will play showing a large Cyclops and a few Goblins. Put down the Goblins and attack the Cyclops by hacking and climbing his legs. When done, collect the fallen goods from the ground and head back in to the Encampment. Walk back to the Rift stone and you will then need to create your pawn. Do so and the quest is complete.

Rude Awakening

Reward: 2,000xp/2,500g

Head to the Encampment and talk to Mercedes who is hanging out just outside the Command Center. Choose to rest and then you will be awoken by a cutscene. Battle the Hydra by climbing onto its throat and eventually you will cut off one of its heads. Once the head is off, another short scene will play and you will need to talk to Mercedes again. Accept her next quest to deliver the head to Gran Soren to complete this one.

Off With its Head

Reward: 6,000xp/6,500g

Once the Hydra is down, Mercedes will want to take it to the Duke. You will need to make your way north out of the Encampment and head for the Mountain Waycastle. Once there, you will meet Mercedes with the Hydra head on a cart. Now you will need to escort it to Gran Soren simply by fighting off the goblins, bandits, and harpies that show up. There is one tricky spot where rocks will come rolling towards you when you are in the mountain pass, but you can kick the Ox to make it speed up. Be careful with your kicks though, as they take away from its health. If the Ox does get low on health, either heal it, or get healed while standing next to it. Once you enter Gran Soren, talk to Mason, the man who approaches you, and the quest will end.

A Matter of Myrmidons

Reward: 3,000xp/3,500g

Gather info about Pawn Legions

When you arrive in Gran Soren, make your way just east of the Fountain Square and speak to Asalam the innkeeper. He will tell you to go west and visit the Pawn Guild to learn more. Make your way to the stairs behind the weapon upgrade shop, north of the Fountain Square, and talk to Ser Camillus who will tell you the Pawn Guild is through the doorway and to the left. Make your way down the path and enter the building there. Once inside, talk to Barnaby and the quest will be complete.

Lure of the Abyss

Reward: 8,000xp/12,000g

When you enter the gate that leads to Everfall, you will need to get to the bottom of the large cavern. Use the circling path to go downwards and eventually you will come to a lever on the wall that will open some gates and close others. You can use it if you like to explore some of the side passages along the way, but you’ll have to come back to it when you reach the bottom to open the gate down there. Just past the lever, there’s an ogre to face.

If you can get it to run off the side of the ledge and down to the ground far below, it will be an instant kill and you won’t have to worry about him. Once you reach the bottom, explore the crypt and open the coffin to release an armored skeleton. Kill him and get the engraved lever from his coffin. Use it on the door at the end of the crypt to gain access to a couple of chests that have some great goodies in them.

Head back through the crypt and into the center door to the very bottom of the Everfall. Then you’ll see a platform surrounded by blue light. Before you stand on it, look around the room and you’ll find a Wakestone fragment. Grab it and then examine the blue lighted platform and some tentacles will start to attack. Don’t bother trying to fight them and just run up the stairs and back to the Everfall entrance. Once you reach it a scene will play and you will need to talk to Barnaby to end the quest.

The Cypher

Reward: 10,000xp/10,000g

For this quest, you will be doing quite a bit of traveling. First you’ll need to head to the field and talk to the farmer there. Once you talk to him, head to the Black Cat in the Vernery, and then to Fountain Square to talk to Maurin. He will tell you about the Hillfigure knoll and tell you that’s where you should check next. Make your way there, across the river to the north of Gran Soren, to a small structure made out of rocks with a line figure on the ground and a scene will play. Once inside the Hillfigure Knoll, talk to the Dragonforged to learn about the stone. Once you are done with the conversation, ransack the cave for goods and then return to Maxillian to complete the quest.

A Fortress Besieged

Reward: 20,000xp/18,000g

For this long quest, you will need to make your way to the Shadow Fort to meet with the Captain and his troops. Sneak through the hole in the ground and you will fight a few goblins and come out inside the Shadow Fort. Clear out the Goblins on the upper level and you will see that there is a missing lever to open the gate for the soldiers. Slide down the ladder and enter the middle building on the left side. Find the lever in there and return to the opening to use it. Let the soldiers in and then you will have to take down one of the Cyclops to progress the quest. When you do, the lead goblin will appear at the gate and run inside the fort.

Go into the castle and to the top floor and across to the second door way. Follow the stairs down to the command room and attack the chieftain. Once he runs away, head back outside. Talk to the captain and he will drop some phat loot on you which should include a Ferrystone. Use it to get back to Gran Soren and talk to Maximillian to end the quest.

Seeking Salvation

Reward: 18,000xp/15,000g

For this quest, you will first need to talk with Meredith in the inn and then Mason in the slums. When you find him, accept the offer to take on the investigation and he will give you a badge to talk to others about the Salvation. Now you will need to talk to Amity, Baden, and Ser Sairus (all are found around the city) and then head to the catacombs entrance to the north of Gran Soren. Once inside, fight your way through until a cutscene play and then you will have to decide whether or not to kill Marcelo. If you choose not to kill him, Mason will want nothing to do with you and won’t appear again later on in the game.

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