Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act II: Main Quests

Griffin’s Bane

Reward: 25,000xp/30,000g

Once you talk to Aldous, go outside Gran Soren and speak with the leader and the band of soldiers. Follow the group to the mountain passage and you will eventually reach the summit where a lighted circle will be highlighted. Grab a goblin and drop it in the lighted circle to draw the griffin out and then attack it when it lands. Continue to attack the griffin and when it reaches half health, it will fly away. Now you will need to make your way to the Bluemoon Tower at the very northeast tip of Gransys. Once you reach it, climb up the stairs to the top and you will need to break through the gates as the griffin approaches to get to the final room.

Once you do, the griffin will begin its final approach and attack again. Fight it and if you helped Steffen, he will show up and obliterate the griffin all by himself. Once it’s dead, be sure to grab the loads of coins and chests around the area as well as the Port Crystal. The Port Crystal will make some travel so much easier. After you have finished cleaning up, go back and talk to Aldous who is ready to send you back out again to finish the quest.

Trials and Tribulations

Reward: 15,000xp/20,000g

There isn’t much to this mission as all you need to do is run around and talk to people, but you do only have 4 in-game days in which to do these things or else you will fail. To start, talk to Geffrey in the church near the Duke’s castle. After you have chatted a spell with him, visit Symone in Fournival’s home, and then Fedel back in the castle again. Next leave Gran Soren and go talk to Ser Daerio at the Windbluff Tower who will give you a guard named Castor to escort back to Gran Soren. Use a Ferrystone to make things faster and easier and head to the inn to speed up time for the hearing to arrive. Once it does, a scene will play and the verdict for Fournival will be read. Talk to Aldous again to finally finish off the quest.

Rise of the Fallen

Investigate Secret Meeting

Reward: 15,000xp/20,000g

Talk to Ser Maximillian outside the castle and he will tell you rumblings about a secret meeting that may have to do with the increased number of skeletons at night. After the sun sets on the day, go to the marker on the map that is at the bridge in the Vernery in the Urban District. Listen to the conversation there and then talk to Tagert below. Buy the key from him to the sanctum for 10,000g and then head north in Gransys to the catacombs entrance.

Once inside, go through the locked door on the right and follow the corridor around until you come to a door with five impressions on it. Search the nearby crypts to find 5 green balls that can be used on the door. Once all 5 are found, go through the door and enter the Confessional Chamber to fight Balsac. Tee hee…Balsac. When he is defeated, head back to Maximillian to report your findings and end the quest.

The Wyrmking Ring

Reward: 30,000xp/35,000g

Once you accept the quest, speak to Pering who is wandering around the castle. He will say the thief must have had a guide. Head upstairs to the store room and talk to Ser Gyles to hear about an unfamiliar man. Afterwards, talk to Ambrose who will say that the person who took the ring is most likely the sorcerer Salomet. Talk to Aldous again and he will tell you a little history about Salomet. Now exit the castle and go to Knight’s Manor. Talk to Mellard and he will tell of a man near the Quarry “sulking” about. Enter the mine for a rather simple fight with Salomet and his lackeys. Once you knock him and his doppelganger down, he will flee. Return to Aldous. He will then send you out after Salomet again.

Talk to Brice the vendor in Fountain Square and he will tell you that Bluemoon Tower is the next place to go. Once you get there, you will have to fight through a swarm of bandits, which can be rather tough, to reach the top of the tower. Once you do, the fight is rather easy against Salomet as long as you have some ranged attacks as he likes to teleport when you get close to him. Once he is killed, grab the ring and the ferrystone and return to Aldous to complete the quest.

Pride Before a Fall

Reward: 18,000xp/20,000g/Silver Rapier

For this escort mission, you thankfully don’t have to escort anyone. Travel to Windbluff Tower and find Ser Mercedes. Simply watch the cutscene between her and Julien and then observe the duel that they fight. That’s all there is to it. Once the duel is over, head back to Aldous and you will move on to the next quest.

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