Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act II: Notice Board Quests

Location: Gran Soren

Head Count

Acquire 66 Skulls
Reward: Golden Pale

If you completed the “Bone of Contention” notice board quest, then you will have received 60 skulls as a reward. Simply pick up 6 more along your travels which is incredibly easy – as your pawns may just pick them up on their own – to complete this quest.

Smells Suspicious

Acquire a vial of Wyrmward Perfurme
Reward: 15,000g

To find the perfume, go to the Ruins of Aernst Castle and climb up the stairs that lead to the rear of the castle. You'll see a large open area where there are boxes stacked up. Look for a chest in this area, near the boxes, and open it up to find the perfume inside there. Return to the Alehouse and talk to Arsmith to complete the quest.

Parcel Service

Acquire 10 Parcels
Reward: Golden Stings

Head north to Soulflayer Canyon and enter from the west entrance near the Greatwall. When you enter, go to the left and up the slope with the Cyclops on it. Go to the right and slide down to the left side. Make the turn again and slide down another watery slope but this time stick to the right. Walk along the ledge there to find the packages waiting for you, scattered all over the ground there.

The Secret Admirer

Acquire Ophis’s Badge of Amity
Reward: Golden Cyclops Sigil

When you complete the mission “Thick as Thieves” for Ophis by killing ten bandits at the Aernst Ruins, you will receive the Badge of Amity from her. Simply complete that quest and then bring the badge to Arsmith at the Alehouse to complete this one.

A Book Keeper’s Bind

Acquire a Promissory Note
Reward: 18,000g

Once you have cleared out the Ancient Quarry of the monsters and ogres, Alon will open up a shop inside halfway through on the right side. From him, you can find the promissory note for sale. Buy it and return to Arsmith to complete the quest.

A Token of Esteem

Acquire Maul’s Badge of Amity
Reward: Golden Bardiches

When you visit Maul in the Ruins of Aernst Castle and talk to Maul, the bandit leader, he will give you the option of two quests to complete. Once you have completed either one of them, return to him and you will get the Badge of Amity from him. Then just take the badge to Arsmith at the Gran Soren Alehouse.

A Fabled Dram

Acquire 5 King Bay Leaves
Reward: 20,000g

You can find these leaves in the area to the right of Selene’s hut in Witchwood. There only seem to be four that appear at a time, so take one to the Black Cat and have the forger there create an extra to complete the quest. Keep in mind that you can only access this area if you have completed both the “Lost and Found” and “Witch Hunt.” Talk to Arsmith once you have all five.

The Hearts Compass

Escort Tomlin to the Prayer Falls
Reward: 3 Vigilites

Simply escort Tomlin to the Prayer Falls. It’s not any different than the millions of escort missions that have already taken place. Tomlin does seem to be a bit slower and does doddle a lot more than the other companions, but carrying him helps lots.

 Location: Pawn Guild


Defeat 3 chimera
Reward: 15,000g

Chimera’s are the lion headed huge beasts with a goat head and snake tail that can be found in a few places throughout Gransys. To find them the most often, look near the Abbey, along the path north of Gran Soren, and just west of Aernst Castle.

The Absent Apprentice

Slay 25 Crows
Reward: 75,000g

Crows can be a little tricky to kill, but you can find plenty of them to the north at the Abbey, in the Wilted Forest, and in Witchwood. Take down 25 of them and this will be completed. Trying to kill them with swords and/or maces can be a little frustrating, so take a bow out for this quest to make it infinitely easier.

Put the Eye Out

Defeat the Cyclops
Reward: Silver Idol

Make your way to Shadow Fort and go through the front gates. To the right side, near the castle wall, there will be a hole in the ground that leads to the Frontier Caverns. Enter them and follow the corridor to the far end and you will come out to an arena looking room. In the center of it will be a large Cyclops that is covered in armor. Use the usual attacks on it that you use for other Cyclops, as they still work, they just take a bit longer. Once the Clops is down, you’ll receive a silver idol for your troubles.

Swamp Things

Defeat 10 Sulphur Saurians
Reward: 10,000g

If you head to the Northwest of Gran Soren, to the river between the Prayer Falls and the Nameless Falls, you will find plenty of Sulphur Saurians being slugabeds along the river bank. Simply kill them as you would any other Saurian and you will get this quest easily.


Defeat 3 Gargoyles
Reward: 15,000g

You can find gargoyles easily within the Everfall after you have reached "the end" of the game. There will be plenty to choose from once there and they are much easier to kill while indoors. They are much harder to defeat outside in the dark where they otherwise randomly appear at night within the Soulflayer Canyon.

 Location: Cassardis

A Dark Chorus

Defeat 10 Harpies
Reward: Golden Stilletos

You can find harpies anywhere north of Gran Soren, as well as along the mountain pass to reach the city from the Encampment. Harpies travel in large groups so killing 10 is not difficult at all.


Slay 24 giant bats
Reward: 50,000g

You can find bats in pretty much any cave structure. Go into the well, Everfall, the Quarry and the like to find them. Once you kill 24 of them, this rather simple quest is over and done with.

Quell the Hobs

Defeat 30 Goblins
Reward: 5000 XP

Again another nice and easy quest. You will run into more than your share of goblins on your travels and will get this without even trying.

Guardsman Sought

Escort Adaro to the Shadow Fort
Reward: FerryStone

Another escort mission in which you need to escort the rather feeble looking Adaro to the Shadow Fort. It’s not that long of a journey as some of the others, but you will need to keep an eye on Adaro a bit more. Like the other escort missions, leave in the morning to make the trip easier.

Material Witness

Escort Benita to Cape Pactforge
Reward: 3 Kept Grandgrapes

For this escort mission you’ll need to take Benita to a location just outside of Gran Soren to the south. If you have a Ferrystone on you, use it to make this quest immensely faster. There’s no real danger along the way, regardless it can be tiring making that same trek once again. When you reach the area just outside the city, you can cross another escort mission off the list.

Scholarly Pursuit

Escort Clemente to Bloodwater Beach
Reward: 15 Placative Brews

Escort mission. Pack a Ferrystone. Leave in the morning. Seriously there’s not much more to say. You’ve done these many, many times already. You have already been to Bloodwater Beach with Barnaby, so there’s no real secret this time around. When you reach the Conqueror’s Sanctuary before the path that leads to the beach however, there may be a cyclops or two. If there is, use the ballista on the cliff to take them down easily and without harm, to yourself at least.

An Uninvited Guest

Reward: 2,000xp/3,500g

Speak with Pablo at the inn and he will tell you about a thief that has been stealing from the markets. Speak to the two victims in each store, Aestella and Heraldo. Once you have, return to Pablo and then agree to catch him. It will turn night when you are ready and then you will have to walk around the village to try and find him. You’ll find him running along the streets, normally going from the church and back, and along the path through the arch, up the road, and then down the stairs to the right of the church.

The easiest way to catch the thief is either cut him off on his running route, or wait for him to run right at you. When he gets close, hit him once or twice and that will cause him to stop running. Immediately pick him up and that will catch him. If you fail to catch him and he escapes, have no worry as you will get more chances repeatedly without failing the quest itself. Once you have caught him, you will be back at the inn. Simply talk to Pablo to complete the quest.

Burden of Proof

Defeat 3 Golems
Reward: 75,000

Golems are few and far between in Gransys, so one of the easiest ways to complete this quest is to go to the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler on the cliff near Bloodwatch Beach and find the one there. When you find the large rock pile there, hit it to make the golem come to life and it starts attacking you. To defeat it, you will need to hit each of the lighted circles on it and smash them so that they go out. Once you have defeated the golem, go north to the rest area near Shadow Fort and rest for a few days to allow it to respawn. Head back down to its location and fight it again. Repeat one more time to kill it a third time and complete the quest.

Venture Forth

Escort Quina to Prayer Falls
Reward: 5 Pancea

If you have been doing the quests in order as you get them, then you should have already had an escort mission to the Prayer Falls. This time however, it is a bit farther to travel to unless you use a Ferrystone to get to Gran Soren to make this immensely easier and faster. Once at Gran Soren, simply head west past the Quarry and Miner’s Hut, a little bit past the Abbey and this will be done. This area is extremely brutal at night with all the undead, so again, make sure you leave in the morning and have a Ferrystone with you.

The Maker’s Mercy

Defeat 10 Deer
Reward: tuft of hair

Deer can be found all over Gransys including in the Withered Forest west of Gran Soren. To make this much easier, use a bow as the deer will get spooked if you get close to them after killing one of their own. Snipe them from afar and you can finish off this quest quickly and easily.

Burden of Proof

Defeat 10 Geosaurians
Reward: 15,000

Once you start on the “Final Battle” quest, you will first run into the Geosaurians. They are larger than regular Saurians, can turn invisible like Sulphur Saurians, but are also much less dangerous when their tails are cut off. Use cold against these Saurians and when you have ten notches for each you've met, you will have this quest wrapped up.

Location: The Encampment


Slay 15 snakes
Reward: 50,000g

Snakes can be a bit tricky to find at first, but they will usually appear in just about every cave you enter. If you land in prison you will also find plenty in the corridors. There are also four or so that come out of a box you can break before entering the Dripstone Caves from inside the well. Simply kill 15 of the rather gruesome creatures and this will be complete.

Arise to Power

Defeat 10 Saurians
Reward: 7,500g

Saurians are about as common as goblins. You can find them near any water source, usually just lying around being lazy. The fastest way to kill them is hack off their tails from behind and then they will fall over, leaving them open to attacks.

Final Farewell

Defeat 15 Undead Warriors
Reward: 40 War Bugles

You can find Undead warriors in many places like Everfall and many caves, but these ones need to be found near the Ancient Quarry. Either head to the quarry – due west of Gran Soren – at night or go there and wait for it to turn night and they will start to appear. If there aren’t many appearing, you can continue north towards the Wilted Forest and more will appear. Note the fat undead that explode don’t seem to count as warriors and therefore do not count towards the 15 you need to kill.

Arise to Power

Slay 20 Wild Boars
Reward: 50,000g

You can find a ton of wild boar roaming around in front of the Shadow Fort. While you don’t have to go there right away, just remember that next time you are there – or if you want to bang this quest out – there are plenty of them there. You can also find them in Witchwood, although they don’t seem to appear as often there.

Hobble the Foe

Defeat 10 Hobgoblins
Reward: Teeth of gold

Much like the wild boars, you can find a ton of hobgoblins near the Shadow Fort as well. Killing 10 isn’t a big deal and you will complete this easily.

Arise to Power

Defeat 5 Skeleton Magi
Reward: 5,000g

Lots of Skeleton Magi can be found in Everfall. You will find multiple Magi in there, but you may need to run to the bottom twice to kill 5 of them. Alternatively, you can head to the Nameless Falls at night and wight shows up and spawns them repeatedly. That is definitely a good source of collecting their deaths as well, if you can handle the wight.

Arise to Power

Slay 29 Oxen
Reward: 75,000g

To kill the 29 Oxen, simply find them in the field in front of Gran Soren and at the Eradication Site south of the Shadow Fort. They are in many other places too, but you will find them in large numbers at these locations, making the quest easier to complete.

A Hero’s Worth

Defeat 35 Male Bandits
Reward: 75,000g

Killing 35 bandits is as easy as falling down, but for this quest, you will need to kill them at the Aernst Castle Ruins. Head there and start a murder spree, killing 35 of them. The bandits don’t need to be in the ruins, but rather just in that general area. It’s also a huge reward for something very simple.

An Airborne Plague

Defeat 8 Snow Harpies
Reward: Beak of Gold

Snow harpies can be found north of Gran Soren just past the Windbluff Tower and the Hillfigure Knoll. Since they usually fly around in flocks, killing 8 of them in one go is not unheard of.


Defeat 2 Metal Golems
Reward: 75,000g

Metal golems are not quite like the regular stone golems. The giants don’t have the magik metal on their body, instead the discs are spread out around the chamber. When you have finished fighting at the end of the game, you will visit Everfall once more and while there, you will have the opportunity to fight a couple of these fellows on your way. Take down two and you’ll get yourself a hefty stack of gold.

Arise to Power

Slay 10 Seabirds
Reward: 15,000g

The seabirds are always found along the sea’s edge and on beaches. There are plenty that you can find in Cassardis along the docks and beach; enough to finish this quest quickly and all at once.

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