Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act I: Notice Board Quests

Location: Cassardis

He Should Be So Lucky

Slay five rabbits
Reward: 500xp/500g

This quest is easy enough to complete, as when you step out of the village, there is a large tree to the left. Near the base of it will be a bunch of rabbits. Kill them – you jerk – and you will complete this easily. While hitting them with a hand weapon is easy enough with some running around, using a bow can make this even easier.

Rat Catcher

Slay seven mice
Reward: 500xp/500g

To find some mice easily, drop down the well near the exit gate, and you can find plenty of rats/mice there to kill. Kill seven and this will be done.

Goblin Raid

Defeat 10 goblins
Reward: 1,500g

On your way to the Encampment, go off the path a little bit and you will find goblins lurking about. Simply kill 10 out of the many that you will find there.

Location: Gran Soren

Witch’s Brew

Give Selene a Gransys Herb to acquire a draught of herb ale
Reward: 6,000xp

To complete this quest, you’ll need to head all the way south to Witchwood. Once you enter the Witchwood, it will be foggy and you won’t be able to use your map until you destroy the objects causing the fog. As you make your way through the woods, you'll eventually come to the house where Selene lives. You can either grab a Gransys Herb from out front of her house or even grab one from inside her house to give to her. When you do, she will create the ale for you. Make your way back to Gran Soren – now is when a Ferrystone is very handy – and give the ale to Arsmith. Once you do, the quest is complete.

Foreign Service

Acquire 20 Seeker’s Tokens
Reward: 200,000g

There are little gold token scattered across Gransys called Seeker tokens that are usually found in treasure chests. Grab each one you come across and they'll start to pile up quickly. If you want to complete the quest without having to track down 20 of the tokens, you can take one to the Black Cat and have the forger create new ones for 3,500g each. Simply take one to him and then rest for a full day and repeat for as many as you need. Once you have all 20, return to Arsmith at the Alehouse to complete the quest.

A Lost Cause

Acquire a Snakeskin Purse
Reward: A Golden Bastard

The snakeskin purse can be a little tricky to find if you aren’t looking in the right place. Go northwest of Gran Soren, to the river between the Prayer Falls and the Nameless Falls. There will be plenty of Sulphur Saurians in the river there, as well as fish pools. Walk into the river and look for the splashing of fish. Walk to where they are splashing and then “gather” in their spot. It may take a few spots to get the purse to appear, but eventually you will get it from doing this here.

Reveille Revelry

Acquire 50 War Bugles
Reward: Soultaker

While this may seem a little daunting at first, there is a notice board quest from Cassardis later on that gives a reward of 40 War Bugles for killing 15 undead enemies. For the remaining 10 war bugles, you can find them in chests within the towers of Gran Soren. If you still can’t find enough to reach the 50, simply visit the Black Cat to forge the remaining few that you need to complete the quest. Once you have them all gathered, return to Arsmith for your reward.

Trial of Corruption

Acquire Tribute Ledger
Reward: 30,000g

To find this ledger, simply go to Fournival’s house in the Noble Quarter and make your way upstairs. Go in the backroom and in front of the bookcase, the ledger will be on the ground. Pick it up and return to Arsmith for your payday.

Epicurean Delights

Acquire 5 meals of Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat
Reward: Undulant Gold

This quest can be one of the more annoying because what you need is in no specific place. Always keep an airtight vial on you in case you come across one and you can make it “kept” immediately by placing the meat inside the vial. If you find other types of Ambrosial Meat, you can keep it in your inventory for some time to allow it to change. We found Ambrosial Meat in a box inside the mine at the Ancient Quarry and on a table within Shadow Fort during the “Fortress Besieged” quest. Once you have finally found one and have it in an airtight vial, head to the Black Cat and get it forged four times. This will save you tons of time and frustration trying to find more.

Scouting Mission

Escort Mercedes
Reward: Lustrus Targe

To complete this quest, you’ll have to travel with Mercedes a rather long way. You will have to escort her to the Shadow Fort which is located due west of the Encampment. It’s a tough road if you aren’t leveled high enough, and we would suggest you are at least over level 25 to try it. There are tons of bandits, goblins, as well as ogres and even a dragon if you’re lucky – or not so lucky. If you want to take a short cut, you can go to the Ancient Quarry entrance that is due west of Gran Soren and take the tunnel there. The exit will drop you out just east of the Shadow Fort. Once you get Mercedes to the front of the Shadow Fort, you will complete the quest and her fancy shield will be yours.

Material Witness

Go with Barnaby to Bloodwater Beach
Reward: Sight Earring

Once you accept the quest, Barnaby will show up at your location and you'll need to start the long trek to Bloodwater Beach. Before you leave however, you may want to make sure you have a Ferrystone with you to get back faster. To get to the beach, you will need to go south, past the Waycastle and then west, just before the Encampment. Continue to the west, towards Aernst Castle and continue west then south to the beach. Alternatively, you can use the Ancient Quarry shortcut and simply head due south of the Shadow Fort to find Bloodwater Beach. Once you reach it, enjoy the view and the quest will end.

The Chefs Blade

Escort Sara to prayer falls
Reward: Harspud milk x 10

Oh joy another escort mission. For this escort mission, you will need to take Jasper’s wife to the north of Gran Soren, up to the falls that are near the Abbey. Make sure you leave first thing in the morning. To find the Prayer Falls, simply go north across the bridge and keep heading north. You will find the path splits east and west, but you will want to keep going north. Go past the Mining Hut, the Wilted Forest and you will eventually come to a lake. Follow it west and it will lead around to an Abbey that has the Prayer Falls at its edge. Enjoy the view there and the quest will be complete. Also be sure to bring a Ferrystone so you can get back quickly.

Company for the Road

Escort Asalam to Healing Spring
Reward: platinum ring

This time you will need to take the innkeeper even farther north, past the Hillforge knoll. Continue north along the path and it will eventually start to swing to the west. Continue to follow it and you'll find the healing spring by the large white crystal in the center of it. Again, like all escort missions, make sure you go first thing in the morning to have less enemies attack on your way. Trying to do this escort mission at night will have you constantly surrounded by Dire Wolves. Make sure to bring some empty flasks with you so you can fill them up to make some healing potions for the trip. Also be sure to bring a Ferrystone so you can get back quickly.

Elsewhere Bound

Escort Selene to Healing Spring
Reward: perfect herb ale

Again, accept the quest first thing in the morning and you’ll need to take Selene to same spot that you took Asalam to. Follow the same path and do the same things. Not much different at all. As with all the other escort quests, be sure to bring a Ferrystone so you can get back quickly.

Thanks Mislaid

Acquire the Chamerlain’s Affidavit
Reward: Grievous Gold

To find the affidavit, make your way to Fournival’s house in the Noble Quarter. When you enter his house, go directly across from the front door and you will find it on the counter. Return it to Arsmith at the Alehouse to complete the quest.

Location: Pawn Guild          

Dire Straights

Slay 15 Dire Wolves
Reward: 10,000

On your way north of Gran Soren, past the Hillforge Knoll is where you will find the Dire Wolves. They are like regular wolves, except they are white and much more of a pain in the ass to kill. Thankfully since they attack in such large numbers, killing 15 of them is pretty easy.

Bone of Contention

Defeat 36 skeletons
Reward: 60 skulls

There are plenty of skeletons found in both the Watergod Altar and in the Everfall. 36 is not a hard number to reach and will be done rather easily. Stick the reward in your storage, since later on there is a quest that requires you to gather 66 skulls.

Sisters in Peril

Defeat 2 Ogres
Reward: 10,000

This is actually easier than it seems. There are two ogres that you can easily kill without even having to go to extremes. One you can find in Everfall and can be lured off the edge which will cause him to fall to his death. The other can be found in the Watergod Altar than can also fall off a ledge near where he first appears.

The Absent Apprentice

Slay 45 Rabbits
Reward: 50,000

That’s a whole lot of rabbits to kill. Just like the previous rabbit slaughtering, you can find the most rabbits at the base of the very large trees. Kill as many as you find and then enter a village or town. Exit back out and continue the slaughter until you have 45 notches.

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