Dragon's Dogma quest guide

Act I: Side Quests

Deep Trouble

Reward: 1,500xp/2,000g

Talk to Poll just inside the entrance of Cassardis, next to the well, and he will tell you that he was hiding during the dragon attack and there’s something down there. Choose to investigate the well and he will give you a lantern for your journey into the Dripstone Cave. Grab some water and oil near the entrance if you need it and then follow the water north and to the east at the end. Follow the blood on the ground and you will come to a carcass with some rats. Continue along the corridor and you will come to a drop off and some Saurians. There will be about four of them, so unless you are level 10 or so, you may want to come back to this. Once you kill them, return to Poll and get your reward.

Strength in Numbers

Reward: 1,000xp/1,500g

As you walk around the Encampments, talk to Ser Berne and he will give you some combat training. You’ll need to complete three challenges that are all pretty easy. The first will require you to pick up the crates around the area and take them to the circle near the gate. Don’t forget about the crates at the top of the ladders. The second task is to break all the Scarecrows and the third is just to break more of them, but with both magic and steel this time. Once all three challenges are conquered, the quest will be completed.

Guard Duty

Reward: 700xp

When wandering around Cassardis, enter Pablo’s Inn and talk to Madeline. She will ask you to escort her to the encampment at the end of the Seabreeze Trail. Lead her to the Encampment, killing the few Goblins along the way, but don’t leave her too far behind or she’ll get all whiney about it. When you reach the Encampment, she will ask you to give her some gold. If you do, she will tell you to meet her in Gran Soren and she will give you a discount – a small discount – on her wares.

Lost and Found

Reward: 4,000xp/3,000g

Talk to Adaro in Cassardis and he will tell you that he is worried about Quina, as she went to Witchwood to get some ingredients for medicine to fix you up and hasn't come back. Head out of Cassardis and head north to the encampment and then west up the path and finally due south until everything starts getting foggy. Continue in until you find Quina and then you will need to find Selene the witch. Protect Quina as best you can as things will get a little tough in here. Once you find the shack in the southeast part of Witchwood, talk to Selene and then make your way back to Cassardis. Talk to Adaro to complete the quest.

Floral Delivery

Reward: 500xp/1,000g
Deliver flowers to Benita

When you visit Benita’s hut, she will tell you that she needs some medicine and flowers to make it. To find the flowers, exit the village and the Sunbright flowers are next to the very large tree to the left. The moonglow can be found at night down on the beach near the ship wreckage. When you find all of the flowers needed, bring them back to Benita and the quest will complete.

Lost Faith

Reward: 200xp/300g

When you enter the chapel in the southern part of Cassardis, the priest will ask you to find his scriptures. Exit the church and talk to Lewes who will say that he had them but then dropped them somewhere. To find them, walk along the right side of the church. There will be a small walkway that leads to the rooftop of the first house. The scriptures can be found on this rooftop. Return them to the priest and the quest will finish.

Grim Tidings

Reward: 100xp/300g

Talk to Elvar who is either in his fishing house near the archway leading to the church, or just outside his house. He will ask you to deliver bad news to Merin. Head to the other fisherman’s house at the northeast part of Cassardis, just north of the docks, and you’ll find Merin in there. Talk to him and you will then need to return to Elvar. Go back to Elvar’s house near the archway that leads to the Church and talk to him to complete the quest.

Reaper’s Scorn

Reward: 6,000xp/10,000g

When you are in the Pawn Guild, enter the Craftsman house and talk to Austine. He will then ask you to acquire a wakestone so that he can revive his dead son. After you enter the Everfall and you are near the end of the “Lure of the Abyss” quest, you can find the third wakestone fragment needed to complete a wakestone. Use it on the son to revive him and you will complete the quest.

Troublesome Tome

Reward: 8,000xp/15,000g

When wandering the streets of Gran Soren, you will come across Steffen who is looking for the Salomet’s Grimoire. First you’ll need to visit Camellia at the Apothecary. She will tell you that it’s likely the thieves have it. Leave the city and head south towards the Encampment from Gran Soren and you will find a man named Rowland getting attacked by some bandits. Save him and he will tell you that the Southern Bandits took the Grimoire.

Make your way to the West and you will find the southwest bandits fort, called the Ruins of Aernst Castle. Enter it as you won’t get attacked and talk to the leader named Maul. Depending on your level, he will either ask you to complete one of two quests or just walk away from you. To get the Grimoire, simply go to the top of the castle keep and do some fancy jumping to find a chest at the very top. Open it and you’ll get the Grimoire from inside. Head back down and go back to Gran Soren to find Steffan and hand it to him. Once you do, this quest is over.

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