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Diesel and Walker head up Fast Five

Is it a spin on Magnificent Seven ? Or The Famous Five ?

We can’t tell, but the fourth Fast and the Furious sequel has been given its official working title: Fast Five .

Yeah, um… Moving on. Vin Diesel is apparently psyched to be back ( as we revealed a few weeks ago ) but now Paul Walker has also signed on for more motoring madness.

Writer Chris Morgan and director Justin Lin are onboard as well, rounding out the Furious family.

The plot apparently follows Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker, scary names guys) as they run from “legendary lawmen”. Or, more likely, drive their cars, like, really fast .

In these credit-crunched times, it’s obvious why Unviersal are making this flick: last year’s Fast & Furious was the studio’s biggest earner, made on the sly for a tidy $85m.

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