Destiny 2 Chest locations guide - find every Region, Lost Sector, and Treasure Cache


Destiny 2 chests are where you'll find some of the most powerful items in the game. While they come in all shapes and sizes, they each take a similar basic form. You'll know you're in for some goodies when you run upon one of these boxes, but finding them can be tricky.

Types of chests in Destiny 2

There are five kinds of chests in Destiny 2: Enemy Chests, Elite and Boss Chests, Lost Sector Chests, Region Chests, and Treasure Chests.

Enemy Chests

These are the most common types of loot caches you'll find in your journey through Destiny 2. These chests are guarded by a particular kind of enemy and can look different depending on whether it's a Fallen, Taken, Vex, or Cabal stash. These chests spawn at random intervals throughout each zone. If the region you're in contains enemies, it's almost certain that there will be Enemy Chests nearby to collect. This type of chest will also spawn as a reward for completing a Patrol.

Elite and Boss Chests

When traveling through Public Sectors, you may stumble upon Major and Ultra enemies. Sometimes these seem random and sometimes they’re part of a Secret Event. Either way, when they’re defeated, there’s a chance they’ll drop one of these Elite Chests. Bosses can also drop these, and they will typically contain better rewards than the crates that drop from lesser enemies.

Lost Sector Chests

These chests are the prize for clearing out a Lost Sector. To open them you’ll need first to defeat an Elite foe located somewhere in the sector. Taking them out will get you the code you need to unlock this chest. If you continue through the Lost Sector after looting the chest the first time and take out more enemies, you can return to the crate to get more items. The more times you return though, the poorer quality the loot will be. These chests should reset once a week, so come back often for more items.

Region Chests

Region Chests spawn in a set location and are typically hidden somewhere off the beaten path. They will usually have higher quality items than your typical Enemy Chest, and getting them the first time you hit a region is an excellent way to make sure you continue to get a good flow of improved weapons and armor.

Treasure Chests

After completing the campaign and receiving access to a particular location, Cayde-6 will offer you weekly treasure maps. Each map leads to a chest location which can be found by heading to the right area and solving the clues he provides. For all the info, check out our Destiny 2 Cayde-6 treasure chests location guide.

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