How to unlock Destiny 2’s secret speed boost at The Farm

If you want to be zipping and leaping all over the place, there's a way to unlock a super speed boost for The Farm in Destiny 2. You'll need to complete a couple of mini activities, but once you've done those, you'll unlock the ability to jump incredibly high and run at super speed for the rest of your time there. Or at least until you die anyway. 

Here's how you do it:

First head over to the water wheel behind Tyra Karn and get on-top of the building. The easiest way to do this is by getting on top of Tess’s tent and jumping across the gap.

Now do your best hamster impression by running on top of the wheel until you get a ‘Sentry Ranks x2’ message in the bottom left. This should be followed by a ‘wheel boost completed’ message. You’ll now start to glow blue indicating you’ve started the activity. 

From the top of the building make your way across this collection of wires to the building opposite and then across the other set of wires to the roof of the building where Lord Saladin is stationed. You don’t actually have to make it all the way across, just far enough to get the ‘Sentry Ranks x4’ buff and the ‘Vertigo Completed’ message. Of course, if you make it, you get a nice view.

Now head over to the bonfire by the docks and start the ‘Scouting Patrol’. As soon as this starts you’ll need to run through these beams of light shooting up into the air before they disappear. You're also being timed so be quick. There are 10 of these in total. 

Quick tip here: Be careful of fall damage when jumping from buildings, if you die you’ll have to activate the sentry buffs all over again. But, don't worry if you don't run through all the beams before the timer runs out, because you can just go back to the bonfire and start again. You won't have to start from the very beginning at the wheel or anything - unless you die.

But when you do start, the first beam is right next to the bonfire.

For the second, you’ll need to head up onto the rocky ledge just to the right ahead of you. 

Then it's a long jump across to the satellite building with the big Traveller wannabe.

Number four is down to the pair of pipes behind you.

Then number five is back up onto the waterwheel roof.

Next you're down onto the rickety bridge to your right.

Then it's across to the rooftop walkway in Saladin’s building, just behind the bridge itself.

You're next over to the rocky clearing behind Saladin's building.

Number nine is out to the ledge between the trees right on the edge of the water.

And finally to the wooden jetty right next to the bonfire where it all started.

Once you get though the last beam you’ll the scouting commander peak and an acknowledgment of your time. You’re now free to run around the Farm knowing you’re faster and can jump higher than everyone else.  

If you leave the Farm, you'll obviously lose this ability. But every time you come back, you'll still have the speed boost in place. If you want to get your extra high jump back though, you'll have to do the light beam challenge again.

James Jarvis
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