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Here's how you get a Sparrow in Destiny 2

As you traipse across Nessus or the EDZ, you might start to wonder how to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2 (opens in new tab). Well, here's the thing - Destiny 2 really wants you to walk. Well, at least at first. Your handy mode of transport is gone, and your left with getting pretty sweaty in those Guardian boots as you hoof your way across the EDZ, even if you do use the transmat landing zones. It's not gone for good though, so how do you get a Sparrow in Destiny 2? 

We've got some bad news and good news. The bad news is that officially you aren't a dead cert for a Sparrow until you finish the campaign. The good news is that Sparrows come from Tess at The Farm via Bright engrams and if you get lucky, you can snag yourself a Sparrow a little early. Tess actually starts handing out Bright engrams throughout the campaign for free once you reach level 20, just to give you a little sample of the loot boxes to come. Take that, narrative reasons for making you walk!

It's important to note that you aren't guaranteed a Sparrow but it is possible that they drop alongside Tess' selection of armour mods, shaders, ornaments, ships and delicious exotic emotes. I didn't get one in my first 20 hours, but other people did. Plus, if you want to drive yourself suitably insane with Sparrow lust, you can always look at all the Sparrows on offer in Eververse. Just head to Tess and preview Bright engram contents and you can see everything she has to offer, including Exotics. Just remember you're currently at the mercy of the random drops, so don't be too furious if you just get another ornament. Alternatively, you could just finish the campaign...

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