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Destiny 2 Chest locations guide - Planets, Lost Sectors, and Treasure Caches

Destiny 2 - Titan Chest Locations

Here's where to find all the hidden Destiny 2 chests on Saturn's moon Titan.

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Titan Siren's Watch Chests

There are three Region Chests and two Lost Sector Chests in Siren's Watch.

Region Chests

1) On the Southwest side of the platform, walk to the edge and head west. You'll find a small room with this golden chest inside.

2) From where you spawn when fast traveling to Siren's Watch, go southwest and jump down to ground level. You'll see a door to the west. Enter the room it leads to and grab this chest.

3) Southeast from where the Weapons Exchange public event takes place there is a passage between two buildings. Take the first door on the left, and once you're in the building, take the first door on the left. You'll find a gold chest in this small room.

Lost Sector Chests

1) On the northeastern part of Siren's Watch is a section on the outer edge you can drop down to. You'll find the entrance to the Methane Flush Lost Sector here. Head down and fight the Major Hive wizard to claim the chest.

2) To find the DS Quarters 2 Lost Sector enter the central building from the north then take the stairs to your left down. Keep following the corridors, and you'll reach your destination. Be cautious, there are a ton of Thralls down here, and if they overwhelm you, they can be more dangerous than the Elite you have to fall to unlock the chest.

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Titan The Rig Chests

There are three Region Chests and one Lost Sector Chest in The Rig region.

Region Chests

1) Head to the most northeastern point of The Rig to find this gold chest.

2) To get to this chest, go southeast from where you found the first region chest and jump down to the lower level. Look for a column with a catwalk around it. Jump to it and follow the path northwest, head through the building, and you'll find this chest on an outside catwalk behind a stack of crates.

3) Tucked to the south of the eastern building is a chest hidden behind some ductwork on a roof.

Lost Sector Chest

1) To get to the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector take the same route you took to get Region Chest #2. Instead of going straight through the building, head through the passage to your left. Proceed down the stairs, through the ducts and into the main chamber. You'll have to face an ogre named Gamut. Watch out for his ocular blasts, kill him, and take his loot.

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