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Destiny 2 Chest locations guide - Planets, Lost Sectors, and Treasure Caches

Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone Chest Locations

Here's the location of all the hidden Destiny 2 chests in the EDZ, aka the European Dead Zone.

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EDZ Trostland Chests

There are 3 Lost Sector Chests and 2 Region Chests located in Trostland.

Region Chests

1) West of the Southwest corner of the church you'll find a ruined building you can enter. You'll need to jump on the crumbling balcony on the third floor and enter through the window to find this Region Chest.

2) Head to the extreme Southwest edge of the area containing the church. Stand near the edge of the cliff and follow it West until you reach a building. Look for an alcove containing this chest on the South side of the building.

Lost Sector Chests

1) Go Northwest from the church and into the buildings there to find the passage to Widow's Walk. Defeat the Fallen Elite inside to get the code to the nearby chest.

2) Go down the hole in the floor located at the Northeast area of the church to reach the Atrium Lost Sector. You'll fight a group of Fallen, and after you defeat them you'll encounter another group just down the corridor. Take out the Elite to claim the code to the chest in the same room.

3) The entrance to the Terminus East Lost Sector is due East of the Northeast corner of the church. It's a linear path to the chamber with the chest. Kill the Fallen Elite and claim your prize.

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EDZ Winding Cove Chests

There are three Region Chests and two Lost Sector Chests in Winding Cove.

Region Chests

1) If you look at Winding Cove as a sort of lopsided "W" then to get to this chest you must travel to its middle point. There will be a cliff you can jump up to with a cave-like opening. Go through the passage and you'll find the chest to the right as you exit.

2) South of the first Region Chest, still in the middle tip of the "W," you'll find a bridge. Underneath the bridge, on the south side is a chest.

3) On the east side of the middle point of the "W," you'll find a ledge you can jump to near the road that passes through the region. This chest is tucked away up there.

Lost Sector Chests

1) In the middle of Winding Cove is a large island. In the middle of the island is a big hole that leads to The Weep Lost Sector. Drop down and follow the cavern and you'll find the chamber with the chest and the Fallen Elite that holds the code. Once you've opened the chest you can exit the Lost Sector via the door to the right of the chest.

2) If you keep going past where you found the second Region Chest under the bridge you'll find the entrance to the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector. Head through the cave and it'll open into a large area where Cabal and Fallen forces are fighting each other. The enemies here seemed a little stronger than usual to me, so take care. Defeat the Elite and claim your chest. This Lost Sector exits in The Gulch Region of the EDZ, so if you want to stay in Winding Cove make sure you go back the way you came when you exit the sector.

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EDZ Outskirts Chests

There are three Region Chests and three Lost Sector Chests in Outskirts.

Region Chests

1) West of the road to Trostland is a group of three statues. Northeast of the statues is a building you can enter. Go to the back room and you'll find the chest tucked into a corner.

2) To the northwest of the statues is a broken down building. On the west side of the building there is a Region Chest hidden in the crumbling top floor. You'll have to jump to get to it.

3) In the southwest corner of Outskirts you'll find a derelict highway bridge over a short chasm. Go under it to find the chest in a small cave.

Lost Sector Chests

1) There are two entrances to The Drain Lost Sector which is located in the middle of the map. The easiest one to get to is southwest of the road to Trostland and south of the three statues. Follow the road south from the statues until you reach a bridge. Under this bridge is the entrance to The Drain.

Once you've entered the Lost Sector it can be a little confusing to get around, but you'll know you're going the right way when you pass through a room with a large "2" on the wall. You'll find an Elite Fallen waiting for you at the end. Take him out and open the chest in the next room with the code you receive.

2) You can find the Whispered Falls Lost Sector in the northwest corner of the Outskirts region. The entrance is hidden at the base of a cliff face and looks like the entrance to a cave. Head down into the grotto, killing Fallen as you go. Eventually, you'll come upon an Elite. Defeat it and lay claim to your loot in the nearby chest.

3) To reach the Scavenger's Den Lost Sector, proceed east from the three statues and jump off the cliff to the south. Once you land you'll be right in front of the entrance to Scavenger's Den. Proceed down into the caverns and you'll come to a large room filled with enemies. There are barriers blocking your progress in the upper levels of the room. You'll have to kill any Fallen you find in the area before they'll lower. 

Go through the area where the barriers were and you'll come upon some laser traps. Stand back from them and shoot the emitter at the base of the laser to set off the explosives. You'll find the Elite and the chest in the final chamber.

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EDZ The Sludge Chests

There are three Region Chests and three Lost Sector Chests in The Sludge.

Region Chests

1) Close to the fast travel spawn (or the northeast corner of the map it you haven't unlocked all the fast travel spots yet), you'll find a cave behind a small waterfall. Go into the cave and you'll find the chest in the back.

2) Southwest of the first chest, you'll find some rusted buildings. Look for one that has an old roadbed filled with water underneath it and two signs that read" Wasserkraftwerk'' and "Graubunden" Jump in the opening to the right of the sign treads Graubunden and then jump to the crumbling second floor to find the chest.

3) In the southwest portion of the Sludge, you'll find a concrete wall bordering the southern edge of the region. The chest is in a passage hidden behind a shipping container.

Lost Sector Chests

1) To get to the Shaft 13 Lost Sector you'll need to go just to the east of the Wasserkraftwerk and Graubunden signs near where you found the second region chest. Pass through the archway with the symbol to the left of it, continue through the storage containers, and make your way into Shaft 13. You don't have far to go before you make it to the main chamber. Take out the Elite and his cohorts and claim your prize.

2) On the Southeast hordes of The Sludge, look for a sign painted on a brick wall that says "Salzwerk Trostland." East of that sign you'll find the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector. Proceed through until you reach a room with a big glowing ball hovering in the middle. The easiest way to clear this room is to stand in the doorway and use power weapons and abilities. Kill the Elite here and claim your chest.

3) In the Northeast portion of The Sludge you'll find a rock with the Lost Sector icon on it. Behind this rock is the entrance to The Hallowed Grove Lost Sector. Follow the water into the cave and take out the Taken as they spawn. Destroy the Elite to gain access the chest.

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EDZ The Gulch Chests

There are three Region Chests in The Gulch.

Region Chests

1) You'll find this chest tucked into a cave in the northwest part of The Gulch.

2) In the most southern point in The Gulch you'll find a rock with the Lost Sector icon on it. Behind that rock is the cave leading to the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector. Jump above that opening and look southwest for a small cave containing this golden chest.

3) To the east of where you found the second chest is a path set above the entrance to the Lost Sector with several Cabal enemies. The path curves around a rock face and exits back to the Southeast corner of The Gulch. At about the halfway point on this path, you'll find a cave on the southside containing this gold chest.

Lost Sector Chest

For the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector Chest, see the Winding Cove section.

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EDZ Firebase Hades Chests

Firebase Hades contains three gold Region Chests and three Lost Sector Chests.

Region Chests

1) On the east side of Firebase Hades look for the little hump that marks the separation between the north and south part of the area. There, on a cliff overlooking the base, is a gold chest.

2) You'll find this gold chest on the western wall of the map just south of The Pit Lost Sector. Look for a small platform on the wall southwest of the huge circular cargo bay.

3) Head to the building on the southern edge of the giant circular cargo bay and look for a room with a large hologram of the Cabal carrier In the middle. In the north part of the room you'll find the gold chest beside some crates.

Lost Sector Chests

1) Head for the large circular cargo bay. Below its western ramp you'll find the passage that leads to The Pit Lost Sector. Head in and fight your way to the Elite. Take them out and claim your chest.

2) Look in the southeastern part of the map for a rock that has the Lost Sector icon on it. Behind this rock is the entrance to the Pathfinder's Crash Lost Sector. Enter and take out all the enemies and open the chest.

3) To the northeast of the Pathfinder's Crash Lost Sector you'll find another rock with the Lost Sector icon on it. Near it is the entrance to the Excavation Site XII Lost Sector. Enter it and fight the Elite to open the chest.

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EDZ Sunken Isle Chests

There are three Region Chests and two Lost Sector Chests in Sunken Isle.

Region Chests

1) At the northernmost point of the Sunken Isles is a small island just south of the level boundary. On it, behind a rock, is a golden chest.

2) This chest is located under the carrier. You'll find a building that leads to the Skydock IV Lost Sector. In the first room as you enter from outside you'll find a golden chest hiding by a crate on the south side of the room.

3) Find the big ramp heading up into the carrier. Directly south of it is a Region Chest tucked into a corner.

Lost Sector Chests

1) You'll find the entrance to the Skydock IV Lost Sector beneath the carrier. At ground level is an entrance to a building. Go through the building, jumping down the shaft and head down the ramps to find the main chamber. Fight the Elite and his cohorts to get the chest.

2) In the east side of the Sunken Isle region you'll find an outcrop the road runs over. Below, in the water, lies a path Into a cave with the Lost Sector icon above it. Enter the cave and descend, killing Cabal as you go, to find the chest.

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