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Destiny 2 Chest locations guide - Planets, Lost Sectors, and Treasure Caches

Destiny 2 - Io Chest Locations

This is where to track down all the hidden Destiny 2 chests on Io.

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Io The Rupture Chests

There are three Region Chests and two Lost Sector Chests in The Rupture.

Region Chests

1) There is a giant slanted column overlooking the north side of the large pit in front of the pyramid. Climb up it and you'll find a passage. Follow it and jump across the gap to the Vex teleporter. Go through the teleporter and straight out to a balcony where you'll find this gold chest.

2) On the same platform hanging above the pyramid that contains the Vex teleporter you went through to reach the first Region Chest, you can find another chest if you head to the right when you cross over from the other side. Hidden on a small ledge below the west side of the platform is this chest.

3) Northeast of the huge ribcage near the eastern boundary of the area, you'll find the entrance to a cave system. Follow it and keep an eye out for a side passage containing some enemies. Inside will be this chest.

Lost Sector Chests

1) The entrance to the Aphix Conduit Lost Sector is under the roots of a large, dead tree northwest of the giant ribcage in the eastern part of The Rupture. Head Into the Lost Sector and fight to Hydra and its minions to get to chest.

2) The Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector is to the east of the fast travel spawn. Just get on the road and take your first left and you're there. Be careful as you descend, as there are a ton of Fallen Acolytes that like to split In two, and respawn. Take out the boss of the sector to claim your chest.

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Io Lost Oasis Chests

The Lost Oasis region contains three Region Chests and one Lost Sector Chest.

Region Chests

1) Head south from the fast travel point and look for a path leading down. Beside the path you'll find a cave. Enter it to find this chest.

2) This chest is somewhat of a pain to find. On the west side of the big mesa with the giant trees you'll find an entrance to a tunnel. Follow the tunnel east and you'll run into this gold chest which is sometimes guarded by Taken.

3) In the south-south­east part of the region you'll find two Vex Hobgoblins guarding a jump ring. Near them, to the southeast is a cave. Go as far into as you can, and be on the lookout for a large circular opening on the right. This chest is in there.

Lost Sector Chest

1) Near the northwest cover of the map you'll find a large fissure in the cliff near the tall rocks venting steam. Go into the cave entrance in the fissure to enter the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector. Head through the cave and take out the Elite to claim the chest.

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Io Giant's Scar Chests

There are three Region Chests in Giant's Scar.

Region Chests

1) From the fast travel spawn, go northeast. You'll find a large tower connected to a building by wires. On top of the tower is a gold chest.

2) West of the giant drill in the northern part of the area is a drill support arm. Hidden in its machinery is a Region Chest.

3) In the northwest of the area, near the path leading to Terrabase Charon, is a cave. Behind a pillar inside is a golden chest.

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