Destiny 2 Iron Banner quest glitch: How to fix the Conviction quest step

(Image credit: Bungie)

The latest Destiny 2 Iron Banner quest is a multi-step affair titled Scour the Rust. The penultimate step, Conviction, has been causing some headache because it's buggier than a bug buggin' about in a dune buggy. Fortunately, you can work around this bug fairly easily. 

The problem with the Conviction step is that its quest prompt is a dirty lie. The first line tells you to get grenade kills to progress, while the second line tells you to get Super kills, yet the objective icon also tells you to get grenade launcher kills. However, grenade launcher kills don't actually count, and any progress you earn through Super kills will be reset after each match (ask me how I know). 

The actual requirement? Submachine gun kills. 

Yes, as of Wednesday, October 16, getting 10 submachine gun kills will complete the Conviction step. I have no idea why this is the case, but Bungie confirmed it on Twitter. This solution is especially strange since the previous step of Scour the Rust, Execution, also requires submachine gun kills. The whole theme of the Iron Banner quest is getting kills with different weapon types, which is why you receive a new weapon upon completing each step. Getting kills with the same weapon type for two steps in a row - and with a weapon that isn't even mentioned in a quest prompt which already mistakenly lists two kill types - is just bass-ackwards. 

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