Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide to help you master Stasis and save Europa

Destiny 2 beyond light key art guardian sitting in the snow on Europa
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Destiny 2 Beyond Light added a big campaign, a massive destination in the form of Europa, and the first Darkness Subclasses - Stasis. There's even more to get in terms of gear too, including the Crystocrene armor sets, fit for a sub-zero expedition, and the Lament Exotic chainsaw sword. However, unlocking all this gear and powering up your Stasis Subclasses involves a lot of quests and time spent exploring Europa. To help out, we've collected all our Destiny 2 guides for the Beyond Light expansion below so that you can get through all your quests with ease to quickly max out your Stasis subclass and unlock some new Exotics. 

How to get The Lament  

Destiny 2 Lament

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The Destiny 2 Lament Exotic Sword is an excellent heavy weapon and well worth getting as soon as possible if you've got Beyond Light. The chainsaw sword has quite a long quest attached, but our guide should speed up the process as it's got some useful advice and time-saving tips.

How to get Europa armor sets

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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While you're knocking out Stasis quests, you can also unlock some Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa armor by exploring the new destination per Variks' instructions. Here's where to find the hidden chests for all the armor pieces for the Crystocrene armor sets.  

Born in Darkness questline

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Completing the multi-part Destiny 2 Born in Darkness questline is essential to upgrading your Stasis powers. You'll unlock powerful grenades and new Aspect powers that can totally change your Stasis build, so we've prepared a step-by-step guide to help you power through this questline quickly.  

Entropic Shards 

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Entropic Shards

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You'll need to find all the Destiny 2 Entropic Shards for two different questlines, one of which unlocks the Salvation's Grip Exotic grenade launcher. We've mapped out all nine shards so you can spend less time combing the icy landscape and more time flexing your new Stasis arsenal.  

Aspect of Destruction quest

Destiny 2 Beyond Lights Frostpulse Stasis Aspect for Warlocks

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The Destiny 2 Aspect of Destruction questline will unlock the second Stasis Aspect for your Class and caps off the Born in Darkness questline. If you want to fully power up your Stasis Subclasses, you'll want to tackle this quest as soon as you unlock it, and our step-by-step guide will help you do just that.  

Destiny 2 Umbral Incursions 

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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As well as Aspect quests, you'll need to unlock Fragments to add small boosts and abilities to your Stasis Subclasses. These Fragments are unlocked by completing Fragment quests from the Exo Stranger, such Destiny 2 Umbral Incursions, Umbral Flames, and Umbral Infiltration. The objectives on these quests are a little inconsistent and more than a little grindy, so we've broken down how to clear each one efficiently so you can get all the Stasis Fragments quickly.

Perdition Lost Sector location 

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Perdition Lost Sector Vex boss fight

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The Perdition Destiny 2 Lost Sector is a keystone for a few quests, and it's not at all obvious where it is. But once you know where to look, it's easy to clear. We'll point you in the right direction.  

Cosmodrome loot cave 

Destiny 2 Cosmodrome loot cave grasp of avarice dungeon entrance

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Yes, the Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg is back with the return of the Cosmodrome. The original loot cave remains in Skywatch with its ominous message, but it now features as the introduction to one of Destiny 2's engame dungeons. Here's where to find the loot cave and the Easter egg within.

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