How to find the Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg in the Cosmodrome

Destiny 2 Cosmodrome loot cave grasp of avarice dungeon entrance
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The Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg found in the reprised Cosmodrome is a nice call-back to the original game's legendary grinding spot. The loot cave Easter egg, which was actually added to the Skywatch spot in Destiny 1, was brought into Destiny 2 when the Cosmodrome arrived with Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Players that interact with the Easter egg can hear a haunting message about a certain Cryptarch found at the Tower, and the loot cave has even been expanded into its own endgame Dungeon too! Here are all the details you need to find the Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg in the Cosmodrome so you can pretend it's 2014 again.

Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg location

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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To find the Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg, you need to head over to the original loot cave in the Skywatch region of the Cosmodrome - there's a landing zone in the area to get there quickly. Once in Skywatch, head over to the Hive spire structure and look for the dark cave in the nearby rock wall, close to the building in the upper part of Skywatch.

Inside you'll find a pile of bodies with an interactive prompt which will play the line, "A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool," a grim reminder of the Hive genocide seen in the original loot cave in the name of farming for engrams to get better gear. In case you didn't know, this loot cave farming spot was quickly discovered and used excessively by Destiny 1 players to get any engrams since Legendary engrams were difficult to come by. If you were lucky enough to get any Legendary engrams from the cave, Tower Cryptarch Master Rahool also had a chance to decrypt your Legendary engrams into poorer Rare gear. Thankfully, those are all issues of the past and Destiny 2 has abundant Legendary gear for players to chase.

Destiny 2 Bungie 30th anniversary pack grasp of avarice dungeon loot cave

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With the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary pack, an entire endgame Dungeon themed around the infamous loot cave was added. Grasp of Avarice sees players ploughing through Hive at the Cosmodrome loot cave to collect exploding decoy engrams - just like old times (kind of). Players will then delve into the mysterious depths of the Cosmodrome on an elaborate treasure hunt and on the trail of a Guardian driven to madness by their obsession with loot. Most importantly, this Dungeon is also crucial to getting the Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher and its Exotic Catalyst,

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