Destiny 2 Lament: Blade pieces, dead Exos, and abandoned bunker explained

Destiny 2 Lament
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It's easy to see the appeal of the Destiny 2 Lament Exotic sword. I mean, it's a chainsaw that heals you, pierces enemy barriers, and does heaps of damage. What's not to like? Better still, it's tied to one of the best quests in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. That said, the early steps of the Lament quest take some serious scavenging, but it goes quite quickly if you know where to look. We've gathered up all the important collectibles to make your search easier, from dead Exos to blade pieces. Here's how to get the Lament in Destiny 2.  

Lost Lament - Dead Exos found 

After you start the Lament quest by speaking to Banshee-44 in the Tower, you'll need to find and scan three dead Exos on Europa. There are lots of Exos scattered around, and three can easily be found in the Well of Infinitude, Eventide Ruins, and in Bray Exoscience, as the quest tooltips suggest. Here are some screenshots showing each Dead Exo location.  

Dead Exo "surrounded by Vex technology" in Well of Infinitude

Destiny 2 Lament

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In the room where two Wyverns spawn in the story missions, look for a dead Exo surrounded by scanners on the left wall. 

Dead Exo "amongst the ruins of an old city" in Eventide Ruins

Destiny 2 Lament

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Look in the far northeast corner by some generators where Fallen Captains often spawn. 

Dead Exo "surrounded by factory equipment" in Bray Exoscience

Destiny 2 Lament

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From the main entrance, go through the door immediately to your right, and hug the right wall until you find the Exo in the back corner. 

Lost Lament - Find the giant Exo in Creation 

This next step is right by the third dead Exo pictured above. Go into the next room and look for a newly opened door that leads to Creation. Follow the linear path forward and down until you reach the giant Exo, then talk to it.  

Lost Lament - Defeat Vex with swords  

This step is pretty self-explanatory: kill 100 Vex, including 20 Minotaurs, Hydras, or Cyclops. Put on your best sword and cut some Vex down to size. To save time, replay the Perdition Destiny 2 Lost Sector to force Minotaurs to respawn. Kill the two Minotaurs in the first room, the two in the second room, and then turn around and backtrack until you load into the Cadmus Ridge. This will reset the spawns so you can knock out the second objective quickly, and there are plenty of other Vex around too.  

Lost Lament - Complete Reclaiming Europa, Empire's Fall, and The Dark Priestess 

This step will be skipped if you've already cleared the specified missions, so most players won't even see it. If you haven't cleared these, find them in your director and knock them out.  

Lost Lament - Complete an Exo challenge 

Destiny 2 Lament

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You can find the Exo challenge on Europa after clearing the Old Secrets, New Challenges mission provided by Variks. Talk to him and then head to Bray Exoscience to load into the challenge for the first time, or queue it up from the map if you've already unlocked it. You'll load into a platforming challenge dotted with Vex. You'll need to run between torches to stave off the cold debuff, and kill enemies for their motes of warmth to reduce the debuff between distant torches. Press on until you reach the final boss, melt it with your heavy of choice, and then it's onto the next step.  

Lost Lament - Defeat Vex with finishers 

You know the drill: head to the Perdition Lost Sector and half-kill some Vex so you can finish them with a, well, finisher. 

Lost Lament - Blade pieces in the Glassway Strike 

This step sounds a lot more difficult than it is. All you have to do is clear the Glassway Strike, which you can access directly via Europa's map. No special enemies, no hidden secrets, just beat the Strike. You'll automatically get the blade pieces at the end.  

Lost Lament - Explore the abandoned bunker 

This is another step that sounds way more cryptic than it is. You know the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins? Yeah, it's that. Go clear it out, beat the boss, and loot the chest. Not so abandoned, is it?  

Lost Lament - Rescue the giant Exo head 

Once you clear Bunker E15, a new quest step will come up in Bray Exoscience. You'll need to fight your way back to the giant Exo head in Creation, following the same path as earlier but with more enemies. 

You'll get Lament at the end of the mission, and you'll get to test it out with infinite ammo. Guarding with Lament revs its chainsaw blade, increasing its damage and adding barrier-piercing properties while causing attacks to heal you, so it's good fun to use. Once you've put it through its paces, talk to the Exo and then head back to Banshee-44 to finish things off. 

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