The Darkness 2 Relic locations guide

Home Invasion

When in the parking garage and you reach the entrance that leads to the elevator, take a left and destroy the door on the right. Inside the control room there will be the Winged Demon relic.

Once you get inside the mansion, stick to the right side and there will be a room that you can enter with a fireplace. The Blinding Sun relic will be in the left corner.

Saying Goodbye

When you are in the cemetery and have finished talking to Vinny, walk forward until you come to Frankie on the right. Turn right there, and continue walking straight to the very end where there is a statue. Look behind it to find Cain.

When you are battling Bragg in the cemetery, you will come to gate that you can tear off once you destroy the generator to the left of it. When you then go through, at the end of the path, there will be a large building that has the Engraved Skull behind it.