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The Darkness 2 Relic locations guide

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17. Once you exit from under the boardwalk and enter the carnival grounds, take the left path and follow it up a few steps till you reach the popcorn stand. Make a right there and just ahead of you on the right will be the Lantern of St. Anthony.

18. Once the van crashes and you open the metal gate to enter the next area, take a couple steps forward and make a right around the corner. Go all the way to the back corner to find Af and Hemah there.

After the second carnival game flashback, there will be a rush of enemies that come into attack. Once they are all down, enter the doorway that is directly to the left of the shooting gallery game you just played to find the Abysmal Maw sitting inside.

When you reach the clown gate that you need to throw the propane tank at, go to the alley down the left side of it and enter the doorway. As soon as you enter, there will be bars there and the Crescent of the Sun relic will be on the table behind them.

Once you clear the generators from the roof, you will need to find a more powerful explosive that happens to be in the form of a truck. When you enter the building the truck is in, look to the rear of the truck to find the Siddhartha’s Tears relic.

Once you enter the Haunter House, take a peek over the counter of the ticket booth directly ahead of you and you can see the Mark of Cain on the ground. Use your tentacle to snag it easily.

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