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The Darkness 2 Relic locations guide


1. Just after meeting your Darkling for the first time, he will give you a gun and then head out into the alleyway. When you go through the door to get outside, the Roanoke’s Bane relic will be directly in front of you on the ground.

Once in the subway, go down the stairs to the track floor and make a U-turn at the bottom. The YHWH’s Lament shell relic will be against the wall there.


3. When in the mansion, go up the stairs and make a quick left. Follow the corridor to the open door and enter the large bedroom. Go to the left side of the room and on the table there will be the True Revelations book relic. This can be a tricky one to spot since it isn’t lit up with candles like the rest. It can also be grabbed any time you visit the mansion.

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