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The Darkness 2 Relic locations guide

Rat in a Maze

23. When you are the darkling, and after you have climbed the pipe to view where Jackie is, make a right through the small corridor. When you exit it, take out the couple enemies there and the Pope John XII relic will be in the room on the right near all the lights.

Once Jackie is free from the Iron Maiden, follow the darkling to the office where there is a rifle on the wall. Snag the rifle and the Reliquary of the Blessed Blood relic will be on a table in the corner to the right of where you entered.


25. Now that you have some semblance of darkness back, you will be on the hunt for Victor through a dilapidated building. Once you get up the set of stairs, you will need to pull down a wall to cross a gap. Before you cross, enter the hole you created and find the Silent Night relic to the right in the room.

After the large battle against Victor’s goons, head through the open door and head up the stairs. When you reach the top, go to the left and cross the boards over the hole in the floor. When on the other side, look through the opening in the wall to see the Deceivers Grasp relic.

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