Currys PS5 restock: a new way to try and buy a PS5 from the retailer is coming

Currys PS5 restock: a new way to try and buy a PS5 from the retailer is coming
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While trying to get hold of any PS5 stock in the UK is still a bloody nightmare, retailer Currys has announced a new method of schnaffling one that might just be a worthwhile method. The company's new 'PS5 Priority Pass' process will hopefully offer shoppers a more luck-based method to getting a new console, but one that's safe from bots and scalpers.

This is in an effort to help PS5 stock get into the 'right' hands whenever the console becomes available, and it does have the hallmarks of a safer route, nonetheless. 

The system is simple: sign up with Currys (for free), and you'll be entered into a raffle with all the other folks who have signed up. If your name is pulled out of the hat then you will have a guaranteed chance to buy a PS5 with a unique Priority Pass, containing a unique code through which you can buy a PS5, as well as information about your local Currys stores where you can buy the console from. The very important thing to note is that these codes will only be valid for 72 hours.

This is similar to Box's Xbox Series X ballot system which has that retailer has run once or twice in an effort to stop bots and scalpers from scooping up all the stock, just to sell it on - as has become customary this generation, so far. Box has run this successfully, and it has gone down well as a system - though, of course, perhaps not so well if you're not lucky enough to be chosen.

As a result, the switch from 'risk losing all stock to scalpers and bots' to 'luck of the draw raffle system' seems to be one that all parties are happy with even if they aren't lucky in said raffles - still, a bitter chance than the former, unless you, yourself, are a robot.

Nonetheless, the following links are your best bets for retailers here in the UK and across the pond in the USA and Canada, so be vigilant with checking them, and we hope you get lucky!

As always, signing up for these kinds of processes as well as keeping on top of the above retailer links are your best methods for trying to buy a PS5 nowadays. It's tough going out there but we keep hearing of success stories from underrated methods from folks sitting on links and getting lucky with unannounced PS5 restocks!

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