More Xbox Series X and S stock is on its way at Box... but this time it's different

More Xbox Series X and S stock is coming to Box, but this time it's different
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After giving the UK a heads-up that it'll get more Xbox Series X stock (and Xbox Series S stock) this December, all eyes are on Box. However, it's not business as usual. Although the store has confirmed that it's getting more consoles during the weeks beginning 7th and 14th of December, things will be different this time around - to keep it as fair as possible, everyone must enter a ballot. A lucky few will then be chosen and allowed to purchase the hard-to-find machine. With luck, this will get rid of the scalpers and bots that have been making life miserable for everyone. Because it's been so difficult to buy Xbox Series X or buy PS5 until now, that's not a bad idea.

Although this does leave securing Xbox Series X stock up to chance, at least you'll have greater odds than you might do otherwise. Most sites collapsed under the strain of demand whenever they got new consoles in, and it was nearly impossible to reach checkout before the consoles were snapped up completely. That's why Box says it's implementing the ballot system - as per an official email alert, it "stops customers from having to battle each other on a website put under an enormous amount of strain with huge volumes of traffic all trying to purchase the same product at one time."

In terms of how the ballot system will work, Box says that "customers are able to register their email address and all emails collected will be entered into a ballot whereby lucky entrants will receive an invitation to purchase the Xbox Series X in time for Christmas. This gives all who are interested a fair chance."

You can sign up for the ballot via the links below. Good luck - we've got our fingers crossed for you.

Xbox Series X stock

Xbox Series X | Apply for the ballot at Box

Xbox Series X | Apply for the ballot at Box
Box is implementing a ballot system for a chance at Xbox Series X stock when it appears on 7th and 14th of December. Sign up to be in with a chance of securing the next-gen console.

Xbox Series S | Enter at Box

Xbox Series S | Enter at Box
You'll be in with a fair chance of getting an Xbox Series S via this new system at Box - sign up to be entered into a ballot that'll decide who has an opportunity to buy one on 7th and 14th of December.

For more retailers offering Xbox Series X stock, don't forget to keep an eye on our page of Xbox Series X deals and tips on getting the best Xbox Series S price. New units are coming in unexpectedly, so you'll need to be on the ball if you want to secure a system before Christmas.

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