Cillian Murphy joins Perriers Bounty

Cillian Murphy, Jim Broadbent and Brendan Gleeson have all signed on to the cast of Ian Fitzgibbon’s comedy thriller Perrier’s Bounty.

In the spirit of films such as In Bruges, Perrier’s Bounty is a crime comedy that finds three fugitives on the run from a gangster kingpin in Dublin, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Murphy has nabbed the lead, with Broadbent playing his long-lost father and Gleeson as the titular Perrier (nothing to do with water, and most likely the kingpin, if you ask us).

Replacing McAvoy

Murphy is stepping in for James McAvoy, who had been cast in the lead back in February, but has since dropped out.

The script is by Irish novelist Mark O’Rowe and Fitzgibbon will start shooting early next month in Toronto. No, just kidding - Ireland is playing itself.