Cheap Spider-Man deal: Swing your way to this PS4 exclusive’s GOTY edition for under £22

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Spider-Man exclusively swung his way to PS4 during the middle of last year, quickly garnering critical acclaim and serving as the truest adaptation yet of what it must be like to fight crime as Marvel’s infamous wall-crawler. Typically you’d be expected to fork out £39.99 for the privilege of saving New York City, but right now you can pick up the Game of the Year edition (which includes all DLC content) for only £21.85 over at Base.

If you’re picking up a PS4 Pro or Slim this Christmas, you needn’t look any further for the perfect showcase title. Developed by the talented team at Insomniac, most famous for Xbox One’s Sunset Overdrive and the beloved Ratchet & Clank series, Spider-Man mixes in this same sense of humour and freedom of movement and merges it with the world of Spider-Man. The Game of the Year edition also has plenty of extra costumes, challenges and episode packs to keep you busy long after the main campaign is finished, so be sure to jump on this early boxing day offer from Amazon.

Spider-Man: GOTY Edition on PS4 | NOW £21.85 at Base

Spider-Man: GOTY Edition on PS4 | NOW £21.85 at Base
Become the saviour New York City needs you to be with this £15 price cut on one of PS4's best games.

This Game of the Year edition of Spider-Man gets you the base game and the following The City That Never Sleeps story content:

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist – Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, is back in town and leaving mysterious clues around Marvel’s New York to toy with Spider-Man.
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars – Spider-Man must put an end to the turf war erupting between the Maggia crime family and gang leader Hammerhead before Marvel’s New York becomes its greatest casualty.
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining – Silver Sable is back to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech and gear from the city’s thugs – and Spider-Man must rely on unlikely allies to protect the city from calamity.

2019 has also been a big year for the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, with the character not only making a triumphant comeback alongside other heroes in Avengers: Endgame but starring in the MCU coda Spider-Man: Far From Home too. You can cap off this year by taking on the mantle yourself in Marvel's Spider-Man, simultaneously checking off one of the best games on PS4 off your wish list.

Spider-Man is one of many great first-party exclusives only available on Sony’s console. See where it fares on our list of the best PS4 games by clicking here.

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