At this price, the Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for commuters and kids alike

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Spend a lot of time commuting on public transport or maybe you want to free up the TV at home a bit more often, then this Nintendo Switch Lite price is an unmissable opportunity.

Currys have slashed the price of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, bringing it down to a very affordable £169 (we have a US offer for you further down this page). That's a saving of £30, offering good value for money and the biggest discount we've seen for the console so far. And because this is Nintendo - a company not well known for discounts - the sale isn't likely to last long.

Although it doesn't include any games, this cheap Nintendo Switch deal stands out because it's the least expensive Switch money can buy right now. It also comes with a six-month Spotify Premium subscription, which isn't a bad perk at all. Fortunately, you'll also get your pick of console colour; this offer on the Nintendo Switch Lite is available in Yellow, Grey, or Turquoise

And we didn't forget about you folks over in the States either. At most stores, you can't get a similar deal with such a chunk knocked off the MSRP. But, we have found you some attractive alternatives. You can save $25 on a refurbished Nintendo Switch Lite at just $174.99 for both the Turquoise and Grey models over at Best Buy. If you want a new one, there's a decent Switch Lite bundle offer live right now where you also get a 128GB memory card and carry case for $254.97 at Best Buy - saving you $33 over buying separately.

To help you get going with something to play on your new Switch Lite, be sure to check out our roundup of the latest Nintendo Switch game sales.

Cheap Nintendo Switch deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow) | £169 at Currys (save £30)

Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow) | £169 at Currys (save £30)
This deal gets you the handheld Nintendo Switch Lite at the lowest price we've seen. A steal.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) | £169 at Currys (save £30)

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) | £169 at Currys (save £30)
Any offer on a Nintendo Switch is worth paying attention to, but this one takes the biscuit.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) | £169 at Currys (save £30)

Nintendo Switch Lite (Turquoise) | £169 at Currys (save £30)
The discount you're getting here makes the console excellent value for money. It's a bargain.

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Curious about the difference between the Nintendo Switch Lite and the standard Nintendo Switch? We go into more detail in our feature on Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite, but it really boils down to cost and flexibility. The Lite can only be used in handheld mode (which means you can't use it on your TV), but it is much cheaper as a result. In addition, it's made from a sturdy plastic that's perfect for young ones and has the controllers built in so they won't get lost.

In short: if you want a Nintendo console to play by yourself, the Lite is ideal. If you'd like the odd Mario Kart tournament on the big screen, go for the normal Switch instead. You can find all the latest offers on that version in our guide to the best Nintendo Switch bundles.

Oh, and don't forget to pick up the best Nintendo Switch accessories, like a case! 

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