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Cheap gaming monitor deals: upgrade your display for less this winter

BenQ EX2780Q
(Image credit: BenQ)

Cheap gaming monitor deals are a brilliant means to upgrade your setup in a visually tangible way in an instant. They can literally change the way games are presented to us and enhance their visual impact, immersion, clarity and world and environment richness. So if you're in the market for an upgrade, act now rather than pay more later as we're seeing many of the best gaming monitors get some very tempting deals indeed. And what's more, they are the perfect companion to one of the best gaming PCs and best gaming laptops that we've also seen discounted this year. Nice.

Cheap gaming monitor retailers
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Despite the fast-paced market meaning screens are flying off digital shelves, our go-to page for cheap gaming monitor deals is kept up to date with the best offers and discounts still on the market. From 4K displays and curved screens all the way down to more modest 1080p setups, there are plenty of different cheap gaming monitor deals on offer, no matter what your budget is.

If you can't find anything that captures your eye right now, make sure you keep checking back for more cheap gaming deals as they drop this winter as we'll endeavour to update this page often with the latest and greatest deals going. There's still plenty on offer in the deals below, whether you're out for 4K resolution, super-fast monitors, or just a cheap addition to your current setup.

Cheap gaming monitor deals - US

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P| 24-inch|144Hz|1080p|1ms| $289 $199 at Amazon
If you're looking for a bargain monitor that still boasts reasonable specs, this one is seriously cheap. It manages 144Hz and minimal lag at just 1 millisecond, and while it's not the biggest screen, at less than $200 this is still a steal.

27-inch Full HD LG monitor with 144Hz refresh rate and HDR10 | $349.99 $246.99 at Amazon
This is part of LG's gaming-specific Ultragear brand and comes with an enviable 144Hz refresh rate, Nvidia G-Sync, and HDR 10 support. It's 'only' 1080p Full HD, but that refresh rate and its 27-inch size will make for some stunning gaming. 

Dell S2721HGF | 27-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 1ms | $279 $259.33 at Amazon
This is a wonderful monitor for the price, and while it's estimated it won't be in stock until January 4, you can lock in this price now. A 1080p, 144Hz, 1ms G-Sync compatible monitor for a bit over two hundred dollars? Absolutely yes, please. Two of them would make a fine dual-screen setup as well...

MSI Optix MAG341CQ | 34-inch | 2K | 100Hz | 8ms | $429.99 $399.99 at Newegg
A neat discount on this stunning 2K monitor at Newegg brings it down to an incredibly respectful price, which is an astoundingly cheap price when you consider the fact this monitor is also ultrawide and curved. A must-buy.

BenQ EW2780U | 27-inch | 4K | $550 $449.99 at Amazon
This is a great price for the quality you get. Decent gaming specs and speeds, lovely image quality, that sweet spot of 1440p, all for one hundred dollars less than usual.

BenQ EW3280U | 32-inch | 4K | $800 $699.99 at Amazon
Going a bit larger than the above BenQ monitor, this 32-inch beast is a wonderful 4K screen for all kinds of gaming - even as a display for a console. The picture quality is excellent, the specs strong, and the vibrancy and colours are lush. A neat discount makes this a great deal.

LG 38-inch Curved Ultrawide WQHD+ monitor with HDR 10 | $996.99 at Amazon
This is quite the monitor, with a 38-inch 21:9 curved WQHD+ display that supports HDR10 for beautiful colours across every inch of its screen. It comes with AMD Adaptive Sync support, but it's the immersion offered by this huge curved display that's the main draw.

Samsung CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor (US) | $1,500 $1,029 on Amazon
Samsung's curved QHD monitor boasts a 120HZ refresh rate, it's a massive ultra-wide, and it has HDR1000 for superior HDR performance, making it one of the best gaming monitors you can currently get.

Cheap gaming monitor deals - UK

LG 27GL650F-B | 27-inch | 1080p | 144Hz | 1ms | £300 £249.95 at Overclockers UK
If you're looking for one of the best 1080p screens money can buy, look no further than this LG monitor at Overclockers UK. LG has been in the monitor game for donkey's years and this is as good as you're going to get at 1080p level.

HP 27xq Quad | 27-inch | 1440p | 144Hz | 1ms | £299 at Currys
With a 27-inch screen sporting a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, this HP monitor is the perfect entry point for 1440p. It can be hard to find that perfect trifecta of high resolution, refresh, and responsiveness. 

LG UltraGear 27GN88A|27-inch|1440p|144Hz|1ms| £500 £458.94 at Amazon UK
With an impressive refresh rate and extremely low 1ms delay, this is a great monitor for those of you who don't want to miss a single pixel.

Samsung LC9RG90 | 49-inch | 4K Ultrawide | 120Hz | 4ms | £946.57 at Amazon
Have you ever wanted a gaming monitor so large, your setup looks like a futuristic spaceship cockpit? This 49-inch 4K ultrawide from Samsung is the way forward, in that case. It's absurdly big, sure, but also looks incredibly cool. Perfect if you've managed to snag yourself one of the new 3000 series GPUs.

BenQ EX2780Q 27" Gaming Monitor | £369 at Amazon
This 1440p monitor not only gives your games a sharp improvement in picture quality, but the 144hz refresh rate means they'll be able to run at higher frame rates. If you're into shooters such as Call of Duty: Warzone, this could be the ideal monitor for you. 

Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor | £619.38 at Amazon
The Samsung Odyssey G7 is one of the best gaming monitors on the market, and it's easy to see why. The 32" curved screen supports a 1440p resolution, as well as a 240hz refresh rate, and Samsung's QLED technology makes it a fantastic purchase for any PC gamer.

It's not just the job of the best gaming TVs or best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X to serve console players; those who have got a PS5 deal or Xbox Series X bundle nailed down will definitely want to consider what are now the best PS4 monitors, as they will likely be a great fit for multi-device or even console-only setups now. The same folk should also keep in mind the best 4K monitor for gaming too if they want to get the best resolutions. 

Solely in PC-gaming land, the best G-Sync monitor and the best G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitor will be a very worthwhile consideration among the cheap gaming monitor deals, offering more-affordable ways to smoother gameplay and faster framerates.

And remember, not all monitors come as hulks: check out the best portable monitors for gaming too.

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