Call of Duty: Warzone removes Armored Cargo Trucks due to invisibility glitch

Warzone truck locations
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Call of Duty: Warzone has pulled the Armored Cargo Trucks from the game less than 24 hours after adding them.

In the tweet from Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software just below, the announcement was made that the Armored Cargo Trucks were being removed from the battle royale game. This is apparently due to an ongoing issue with players becoming invisible.

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It's a shame to see the Big Bertha trucks pulled from Warzone so soon after they were introduced. Previously, the Armored Cargo Trucks were only available in the limited-time Armored Royale mode, where every team would be given a truck, and tasked to protect their truck so that any deceased teammates could constantly respawn.

Yesterday on June 17, the Armored Cargo Trucks came to the main battle royale mode in Warzone for the first time. What makes these vehicles different from the normal trucks is that they have a mounted turret gun just above the driver's compartment, making them an absolute powerhouse should they face off against any enemy players out in the open.

From there, the Armored Cargo Trucks could be upgraded even further, as players could add a Trophy System to them, for example. They can even be repaired by using cash scavenged from around the Verdansk map, just another bonus that made them one of the more unstoppable forces in the entire battle royale game. Right now, we don't know when Raven plans to add the trucks back to the battle royale mode.

The Armored Cargo Trucks were actually introduced to Warzone's main mode alongside the launch of the new Season 4 update yesterday. As ever with a new season, there's a brand new battle pass to purchase and level up, as well as one new Operator, a new Nail Gun SMG, and many more rewards to obtain. There's even a brand new limited-time challenge, which tasks players to find and triangulate the position of fallen satellites for some exclusive rewards.

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