Call of Duty: Warzone Most Wanted bounty revives down teammates, even in mid-air

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(Image credit: Activision)

Completing a Most Wanted contract in Call of Duty: Warzone revives downed teammates, even if they're in mid-air.

Below, you can see a clip that was shared on Twitter by CharlieIntel earlier today . In the clip, a player gets shot out of the air by an enemy squad, effectively being downed in mid-air and falling towards the ground. Their fall is broken by their teammate completing a Most Wanted contract, which revives them in mid-air and lets them gently descend to the ground in a parachute.

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While Warzone players have known for a while that completing Most Wanted contracts would revive your dead teammates, even if they were still in the Gulag, we've never seen a player be revived from a downed state like this, especially not in a situation as high-stakes as this. It's pretty impressive that the downed player managed to regain their composure in mid-air after being revived and open their parachute before they hit the ground.

This is far from the only strange event we've seen play out around Verdansk over the last week or so. Just last week we watched a YouTuber use a baguette as a motion controller to play Warzone, and before that some hackers and cheaters were ending entire matches of Warzone whenever they wanted to. In short, there's been a lot of funny business around Call of Duty's battle royale of late.

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