A Call of Duty: Warzone player is using a baguette as a controller

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A Call of Duty: Warzone player has turned a baguette into a working controller for the game.

YouTuber Rudeism, who is known for their unorthodox approach to custom controllers, uploaded a gameplay clip to the Warzone subreddit, saying that they had turned a baguette into a motion controller just to play the battle royale. In that clip, which you can see below, Rudeism is holding his high-tech bread product up as if it were a rifle. In-game, he parachutes onto a roof, taking fire from a nearby player, before scrambling to find a gun.

I built a baguette into a motion controller to play Warzone from r/CODWarzone

After that rocky start, however, Rudeism manages to get the drop on that initial opponent, picking them off with surprising accuracy, before taking a victorious bite out of their controller.

Further down the thread, the streamer explains that they kitted the baguette out with a handful of buttons, a gyroscope for aiming, and an Arduino - an open-source electronics platform - to create their controller. It sounds as though it's not a perfect creation - Rudeism says it "kinda works" but "needed some electrical take to keep it together after a while" - but "it held up pretty well after 8 or so hours of gaming."

Rudeism is no stranger to using food in their controller creations. Last month, he beat Hades' final boss in an extremely messy experiment involving a pomegranate, and previously took on Fall Guys using a handful of jellybeans.

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