Nintendo Switch OLED restock updates: where to buy the latest console

Nintendo Switch OLED
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Nintendo Switch OLED stock isn't just holding on, it's thriving. We're seeing discounts on the latest OLED device in both the US and UK right now, with rare savings going above and beyond the regular day to day price cuts. The Nintendo Switch OLED has been hit by its fair share of discounts since release, but we generally only see it hitting $339 / £304 (compared to its $349 / £309 regular price). Right now, we're seeing Walmart's Nintendo Switch OLED stock for just $324.97 (was $349), for example. 

Over in the UK we've been treated to several bundle offers over the last few months. However, those have now run off the shelves in typical Prime Day fashion. You can still save on a device by itself, though, with The Game Collection offering a rate of just £299.95 (usually £309.99)

Those wondering where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED haven't had to look too far for months now. We've been seeing a steady supply across a range of retailers. However, recent dips in availability have shown us that this availability is still a little fragile, so we'll be keeping this page up to date with all the latest Nintendo Switch stock as soon as it comes in. Of course, we'll also be bringing you any Nintendo Switch bundles we spot at the same time. 

Nintendo Switch OLED | $349.99

Nintendo Switch OLED | $349.99 $324.97 at Walmart
Save $25 - We've never spotted the Nintendo Switch OLED this cheap before, with a $25 discount at Walmart offering up a record low $324.97 sales price. Previous discounts have only ever taken us to $330 in the past, so you're saving an extra $5 here.

Nintendo Switch OLED | £309.99

Nintendo Switch OLED | £309.99 £298 at Amazon
Save £10 - While we were seeing a £289 sales price on the Nintendo Switch OLED at The Game Collection last month, that offer has since run off the shelves. Amazon still has £10 off that £309.99 RRP, though, which means you can pick up the latest console for just under £300.

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Use the retailer links below to check for a Nintendo Switch OLED restock at your favorite retailer. We're keeping a close eye on the stock situation in the US, though the UK is awash with consoles right now. Keep checking back, because we're tracking all the latest updates right here. 



Nintendo Switch OLED stock - today's best deals

We saw the first ever Nintendo Switch OLED discount hitting just a week ago in the UK, which means price drops on the elusive console may well be on the table. You'll find all the latest offers in the chart below. 

Nintendo Switch OLED - what you need to know

Nintendo Switch OLED

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Why was there no Nintendo Switch OLED stock?

The Nintendo Switch OLED stock situation has thankfully turned a corner over the last few months, but at the console's launch these devices were difficult to get your hands on. That's because of the same reasons plaguing PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X restocks - component shortages. Thankfully, Nintendo seems to have worked out its issues these days, delivering a steady supply to retailers in the US and UK. 

How much is Nintendo Switch OLED?

The US, the Nintendo Switch OLED price $349.99 and in the UK, customers will be paying £309.99. However, we've seen both of those costs shift slightly even in early discounts. The lowest prices we've spotted on the Nintendo Switch OLED so far are $330 and £289. 

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED worth it?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is an upgraded version of the mega-popular console that now includes an OLED display for when playing in handheld mode. The screen is larger too at seven inches (up from 6.2 inches on the original model). If your home Wi-Fi is a little weak or you want to cut down on lag for online gaming when playing on the TV, then the new ethernet port on the improved dock will be another upgrade you'll like - just make sure you've got your Nintendo Switch Online membership to hand.

Thankfully, Nintendo is not making any Switch games exclusive to the upgraded console, so we won't have a repeat of the situation that happened a few years back with the New 3DS release. Your old Joy-Con Nintendo Switch controllers will attach to the new Switch OLED, and have even been improved internally.

We're also rounding up all the best Nintendo Switch accessories for those who have made it home with an OLED console. Or, for something a little cheaper, take a look at the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles. There are always plenty of cheap Nintendo Switch game deals to choose from, and a range of Nintendo Switch SD cards for your perusal as well. We'd recommend slapping one of the best Nintendo Switch cases on that bad boy first and foremost, though.

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