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Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED: stock updates from the best stores

Nintendo Switch OLED

Looking to find out where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED? Much like the other consoles, Switch OLED stock is very hard to find at launch. But we're here to help keep you updated on the latest information at the best online retailers to help you find one. Do look out for stores/third-party sellers charging more than the MSRP though. The US Nintendo Switch OLED price is $349 and it's £309 in the UK.

One thing's become apparent though, the white version is the one that's selling out first, whereas the one with a black dock and red/blue Joy-Cons hangs around much longer. So if you're not fussed about which one you get, next time they go online, opt for the latter and you might not get beaten to the punch by other buyers/bots.

While this new upgraded console isn't the 4K Nintendo Switch Pro we were hoping for it might still be worth a look. If you're on the fence, be sure to take a look at our Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch guide to see what's new. We've actually tried the new console for ourselves now, so be sure to take a look at our Nintendo Switch OLED hands-on report.

We'll show you which retailers you should be keeping an eye on below to see if Switch OLED stock appears again. Hopefully, you won't have to wait for the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals to get one.

That may come in handy over the next few months - just ask anyone trying to find PS5 stock or Xbox Series X stock this year and they'll tell you what a nightmare it's been. Even finding a regular Nintendo Switch deal has been super hard, especially in the US. So expect the Switch OLED pre-orders to give us a fair bit of grief before bagging one too.

Switch OLED pre-orders at launch will include two options. One with white Joy-Cons and a white dock and the other with the traditional neon blue/red controllers and black dock.

Nintendo Switch OLED stock - US

Buying a Nintendo Switch OLED in the US has been very difficult since the original pre-orders were announced earlier this year. As we've seen when tracking down other sought-after consoles this year though, we know the stores most likely to get Switch OLED stock in next. 

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders - UK

The Switch OLED has been much easier to find in the UK than in the US, although it does seem to be selling out more nowadays and we expect it to be one of the most in-demand purchases for Christmas. We wouldn't wait for any epic bundles, just snap up any chance to buy a Switch OLED if you want one. 

Nintendo Switch OLED - why should you buy it?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is an upgraded version of the mega-popular console that now includes an OLED display for when playing in handheld mode. The screen is larger too at seven inches (up from 6.2 inches on the original model). If your home Wi-Fi is a little weak or you want to cut down on lag for online gaming when playing on the TV, then the new ethernet port on the improved dock will be another upgrade you'll like.

Thankfully, Nintendo is not making any Switch games exclusive to the upgraded console, so we won't have a repeat of the situation that happened a few years back with the New 3DS release. Your old Joy-Cons will attach to the new Switch OLED as well, so there's no need to re-buy any of them when the new console launches.

If you're looking for a few extras to go with your new Nintendo Switch OLED, be sure to take a look at our Nintendo Switch headsets guide and also the best Nintendo Switch memory cards. Our Nintendo Switch Pro Controller review might help you decide to pick up the excellent traditional controller for those longer gaming sessions too.

And picking up a new console is always a good excuse to upgrade your TV, right? Head on over to our best gaming TV or best OLED TV guides for some of our favorite TVs along with today's lowest prices.

Looking much further ahead, there is of course a chance of even sweeter bundles on the consoles or accessories in the upcoming Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals in November. Keep an eye out.

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