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Breakdown: UK release confirmed

Quirky Namco action-fighter Breakdown will get a UK release we can confirm - and it's been picked up by (take a wild guess) Electronic Arts, who will release the game in June.

At first glance, Breakdown looks like a traditional first-person action-adventure outing. But, crucially, the combat is primarily of the hand-to-hand variety. We're not entirely convinced by how well what equates to a first-person beat-'em-up will work, in spite of Namco's impressive scrapping heritage with the Tekken series.

As you'll notice from these latest screenshots, it's also not the most graphically impressive Xbox game you'll ever see but, still, it's something a bit different and the important aspect is in how it actually plays. We hope to get our mitts on code in the near future so we'll keep you posted.

Breakdown will be released for Xbox in June