Bravely Default job guide

Sub Quest 9 – Salve-Maker Asterisk

Availability: Chapter 3

During your orphan rescuing mission to Starkfort, you can take the route to the left to find the rotund Salve-Maker Dr. Qada PhD.

Swipe to scroll horizontally




Item Stolen

Item Dropped

Dr. Qada




Dragon Fang

Pick up the Dispel white magic scroll at Hartschild city before going to Startkfort, because the portly doctor will cast regen and you’ll want to do away with that pretty sharpish. He’ll also gleefully poison your party so antidotes, poison preventatives and a White Mage are a must.

If you keep casting dispel whenever he casts regen, the only thing you’ll really have to worry about is his Dark Breath attack which deals damage that is equal to the amount of HP he’s lost to a single party member and will almost certainly result in a KO, so check your supply of phoenix down before instigating this fight.

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