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Storyline Encounter - Monk and White Mage Asterisks

As part of the main storyline in the intro/ prologue, you’ll be sent to the lake in the southwest of Caldis. This is where you’ll face off with one of the many odd couples found throughout the game; Holly the White Mage and Barras the Monk.

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As Holly is the healer for the party, it’s best to focus on taking her out first. As her HP drops to around 100, she’ll start casting healing spells on herself so be careful not to Default too much and get caught in a cycle of storing up turns while she undoes all of the hard work you put into giving her a good pummelling by topping up her HP to make your previous flurry of attacks superfluous.

If you’re willing to risk it, you might want to go all out with as many Braves as you can muster for both Agnès and Tiz after whittling down her HP to finish her off quickly so you can move on to Barras. The Monk is relatively easy to take out - just make sure you have a couple of potions as back up as his Invigorate ability greatly boosts the strength of his melee attack.

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